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What’s in a name?

We call ourselves a ‘hub’ to distance ourselves from the notions or experience you may already have of language schools or online English training. 

    • Like being bundled into a small, bland room for hours. 

    • Like getting taught from a ‘Business English,’ book that has nothing to do with your career (and was written before smartphones!).  

    • Like getting told a story promoting ‘Englishness’ in outdated, dreadful cliches – while complex, fascinating multicultural Britain happens in the streets outside.
immersion English holiday course Michael Clark Dundee V & A exhibition

At Blue Noun, we do things differently 

For a start, we invite only 4 language guests to work with us here in Scotland at any one time. We have a lovely open-plan space to share.
It has a bar.
It has very good records and sofas and plants and cake.
It’s homely.

immersion English holiday course cakes

Sadly, our online courses don’t offer cake, but they are built around you and the language skills you need for your career. 

English language school with good coffee Language School Student and coffee
Claire Teaching Jana at Blue Noun English Language School
Ruth English language coach

Ruth, your main contact and coach, worked for several years teaching English at a language school in Paris. She loved the clients, but the homogenising culture frustrated her. Admittedly, it worked very well for the many corporate clients – but it was an obvious ill-fit for anyone in the creative sector.

Increasingly she designed her own lessons for the scientists, doctors and sports and health marketers she regularly worked with. This led to her being personally requested by these clients – so could be writing several English courses at any one time.

She moved on to teach at several top art schools in France (she’s an artist).

She was in her element.

However, one was a specialist Architecture school, one a 2D Design school. In a third, she taught on Illustration, Product Design and on a fourth – Fine Art Courses.

Additionally, she worked with an academic range from practising architects gaining a professional doctorate, all through post-graduate and undergraduate courses to foundations.

As academic level is no indication of English level, almost every single class had mixed language needs.

independent English language School interior

Over the next few years, as she wrote several more English courses around each group, she began to work out the methodology that now lies behind our Sketchbook English Online Course.

It’s simply that YOU find the language you need as you need it, and we help you make sure that you remember it when you next need it. 

Sounds easy, right? It is – but no one else teaches language like this. 

In truth, the genesis of Blue Noun Language Hub is a combination of both these prior teaching environments.

Corporate language school teaching thoroughly taught Ruth expertise in ELS coaching (she can explain language structure with ease). 

Art school lecturing saw her developing courses that were practical, studio-skill based English lessons designed to engage restless students creatively, as few really wanted to be in any kind of English class at all.

We have content tailored to your creative career – you just have to be at the point in your life that you are ready to shine in English.

We don’t want to make you speak English, we want to help you speak English well. 

If this is you, book a discovery call