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Sketchbook English online English Course for artists

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What English skills do Creatives Need?

  • Like every English learner, creatives need a strong general foundation in English language structures.
  • As a creative, you will also need language skills for collaborations, presentations, project management, social media comments & content, and self-promotion.
  • Additionally, you also need a very specialist vocabulary to present your own art practice in detail.

Specialist language is completely different for every single creative.

It’s not like ‘English for Nurses’ where every person’s language needs are the same.

Don’t waste any more time in groups waiting for the language to become relevant.

Perhaps it’s time to consider the ADVANTAGES of an online English Course.

(One that shows you the language YOU need).


Strong Foundations ✅

Professional Language Skills ✅

AND Your Own Vocabulary ✅!

Choose an English course that can provide you with all three – like our Sketchbook English Online Course. 

You can check out ALL our course outcomes here.


What English Tuition do Creatives Need?

Creatives tend to respond best to asynchronous (hands-on, physical teaching) as it engages their mind and holds their interest, which forges a deeper connection to the language.

It’s unusual to find an asynchronous ONLINE English course – but we’ve designed one for you!

English Courses are Not Written for Artists

You know that you need English skills to shine in your creative career.

The problem is that even if you had the time to invest in language learning, away from your studio practice, the language skills you most need are rarely covered by English language schools and classes. 

You feel bored, frustrated and in traditional English courses

Professional English Immersion Experience | Photoshoot Annalisa
Perthshire crafts The Quarto Press printmaking demo and workshop print ing press

Sketchbook English is an online English course, written by artist and art school lecturer, Ruth Pringle, for Blue Noun Language Hub.

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An Online English Course – just for Creatives

Sketchbook English is more than a course and a learning platform.  It is a method for international creatives to gain the English language skills they need for their creative career.

Sketchbook English is modeled on a practical art school studio course.It is designed to fit into your creative career, – wherever that is currently taking you!

Finally, you can feel excited by the world of opportunities your new English skills unlock – all without leaving your studio.

Perthshire crafts The Quarto Press printmaking demo and workshop
Perthshire jeweller Jenna McDonald Jewellery workshop

Course Features at a Glance


Daily exercises and challenges

No Fixed Schedule

Learn when it suits you to learn


We’ll help you to show up and work.

SLACK Support

Chat to us DAILY about what you did and how it worked out.


There’s no group to join. No community. Just daily, private conversations about whatever you’re working on. 

Taught by Artists

Every tutor is a practicing artist with an art degree.

Writing Opportunities

Perfect your artist statement, sample application letter, and biography.


Show your creative self to the world by showing up on Social Media in English.

Relax, we have a 14-day, no questions asked, money back offer

How Does it Work?

Sketchbook English is a generous series of practical exercises, based on the concept of using a sketchbook to develop ideas.

Over a 12-week course, you have daily challenges that guide you through learning the very vocabulary and grammar you need to express fundamental concepts about how and why you make art.

Perthshire crafts The Quarto Press printmaking demo and workshop print ing press

Experiment, Test and Play

Sketchbook English does not tell you what or how to draw – it INSPIRES you to draw, create and experiment in English.

As you fill your sketchbook (or make daily digital animations, or add a new character to your play dough squirrel tableau), your heart, mind, and memory fill with English. That’s little bite-sized, manageable chunks of English that attach deeply in your mind – because they are YOURS.

It’s your language! 

Career Ready in Just 3 Months

You will be inspired, as we know that channelling your own creativity to master English is the key to thousands of new ideas, influences and opportunities.

In just three months, you will gain English language skills and artistic skills.

Are you ready to find your creative voice in English?

Check your compatibility.

Compatibility Check

It’s time to get excited!

Start scaling up your dreams. Sketchbook English AMPLIFIES your creative impact WITH your English.