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English Language School Perthshire | Potfest at Scone Palace

“As a culture-starved nation, an arts festival in the sunshine felt as welcome as a drink of water in a desert. The elixir we have been waiting for.”

English Language Holiday Activities | Kayaking the River Tay

As well as enjoying the beautiful city of Perth from a whole new angle, as you paddle along you will learn much about the industry, history and ecology of the River Tay. It’s a fantastic chance to chat about all things urban and ecology from an interesting viewpoint and with real experts

Creatives Talk Shop |Commonalities Between Words & Image

Hello English language learners and friends of Blue Noun English Language School Scotland! We have a treat for you today, as part of our, Creatives Talk Shop series, artist Johanna McWeeney discusses the common ground between words and images within her art practice....

English Tips | Essential Oils for Learning a Foreign Language

“If you find yourself disappearing down a well of self-loathing because you’re struggling with learning this foreign language (English is a very hard language to learn), I recommend Rose, Lavender or Geranium essential oil. Any of these essential oils speaks to your heart and nourishes self-acceptance.”

Our Art and Design English Course Talk Sculpture

Today we meet a collaborator of our Meet the Makers English language immersion course. Transcribed for you is my full interview with Artist June McEwan about the Willow Work Sculptures she’s currently in the process of installing in Crieff’s Community Garden.

Our English Language School Talks Art for Int. Woman’s Day

Today our English language school talks art and asks the question: Institutional Gender Prejudice in Art and Music – is it changing? We discuss how to help – and most importantly, importantly, what to listen to on International Woman’s Day.