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How Can You Recognise GOOD English Tuition?

This is the dilemma for an individual seeking an online English course AND for an Art School Director responsible for the education of hundreds of students.

You Can Inform Yourself

On this page, follow the links to access our general advice and guidance to help the individual or the school director answer this question themselves.

You Can Ask an Expert

To save stress, time, and money, choose our English Education Consultancy services.

Our English Education Consultancy services give you diagnostic tools, advice, and methods to help you get English education performing best for you.

Follow the links below to find the right service for you. 

Optimise Your English Department

Sketchbook English | Online English course for artists

ELT Consultancy for International Art Schools

Helping international art schools offer more effective English tuition to their students.

Use our free tool to discover simple changes to get your English tuition high quality, effective for professional careers and saving time and money.

Art School Services

Get Help Finding Your Next Online English Teacher

Find your next Online English Teacher

Online English Needs Analysis

Helping any individuals seeking English learning online to cut through the noise and discover which is the RIGHT online English method and course content for THEM.


ESOL English Teacher Support

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Stronger Together

Blue Noun are keen to help independent online English teachers with resources & networks.

Not only do we recommend your online services to clients we can’t help ourselves – but you can also be an affiliate for our English language immersion holidays and earn £££.

I am an ESL English Teacher

Trust us to find ALTERNATIVE solutions

Who We Are

Blue Noun is an alternative, independent English language ‘school’ in Perthshire, Scotland (although we call it a ‘hub’, not a school).

We specialise in engaging English language coaching – AND English FOR international professionals of creative industries.

  • Culture-lovers have unique holidays with us (and support local Perthshire artists by doing so). (Learn more here).
  • Artists, designers, makers, and creative thinkers ALL  improve their English with our online course, Sketchbook English (learn more here).

Let Us Solve Your Problems

You too can benefit from our unique style of asynchronous learning – and network of artists, professionals, ELT theorists, and teaching specialists.

Let us take the worry out of your English problem, whether it’s how to find yourself the best online English course – or you are responsible for hundreds of students’ English learning, let our expertise become your expertise.

At heart, Blue Noun English Language Hub is an alternative English Language School.

We are a community-minded, socially-aware small business trying to make a big difference.

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