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Language skills for Creative Careers

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Do Creatives Need Specialist English Teaching?

You need a specialist coach or programme when your needs aren’t ‘general.’

That’s anyone intermediate and above who needs English skills for specific contexts – or wishes to improve a specific English skill – such as pronunciation, listening etc.

English for Creative Careers is not (as many people think), just art and design vocabulary wrapped in general English.

Instead, it covers ALL the language and personal skills creatives need to make, promote and present their work as an L2 English user.

This is specialist language that you cannot expect a general English teacher or course to cover.

Tip: If you are looking for English for Creative Careers, choose skilled ESL teacher with a professional background in any of the arts. 

Their experience is the bridge between the language you (or your students) need – and how it will be learned.

This page shows how Blue Noun Language Hub helps artists and creatives to excel in English.

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Art School Directors

Bespoke Classes and Consultancy for international art schools.

Optimise Your English Department

Sketchbook English | Online English course for artists

ELT Consultancy for International Art Schools

Get more effective English tuition for students without spending £££.

Start with our free diagnostic tool to discover simple changes for high-quality, effective English tuition for professional creative careers, that save time and money.

Art School Services

Art and Design Professionals:

Choose a specialist English course to grow English for Creative Careers.

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Make Your Art 

Art Studio Based English

Sketchbook English | Online English course for artists

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Online English Course Option for Creative Professionals & Visual Thinkers

Helping Artists, Designers, Makers & Creative Thinkers get fluent in spoken English.

  • Flexible, ‘blended’ learning (Whatsapp)
  • No loss of studio time
  • Private 1:1
  • Guest experts

Don’t get squeezed into an ill-adapted education model. Creatives: 

  • learn differently
  • need different language skills

Communicate in professional contexts without inhibitions or limits. Collaborate, travel, exhibit & sell internationally (and be the creative, world-changing force they can be).

6-Week Training Course for Artists & Designers

Presentation Coaching

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price for Presentation Skills online course - £595

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Pure | Presentation Skills Coaching

  • Private 1:1
  • Guest experts

Take this online English course to deliver your message with style. 

6 weeks of private coaching. No group. No others.

Just you describing your work.

Last Minute

Artist Talk Coaching

Presentation Perfect | Online English coaching for artists

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Emergency Online Artist Interview & Presentation Coaching

In a hurry?

We offer an afternoon of coaching specifically for presentation development.

  • Private 1:1

Choose this option to succeed at interviews and presentations with an approaching deadline within a month.

Free Help

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Our Language School Blog

Our blog is a bi-monthly English adventure, introducing culture and language from the heart of our language school in Scotland.

Within our blog is the category, English for Creative Careers.

There’s lots of lesson plans & free resources for you in there.

Trust us to find ALTERNATIVE solutions

Are your English language skills up to date?

Will they help you get your dream job or college place or residency opportunity?

Or will they cost you… dearly.

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Why Should You Invest in Your English?

Art careers are made through people clicking with each other in one context, then reaching out to each other in another.

Everything feels deceptively informal – but that’s not to say it’s not really important to get right.

We’ve all missed out on opportunities by not have the right skills in place at the right time.

Don’t let fear of speaking English dictate your story.

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Who We Are

Blue Noun is an alternative, independent English language school (although we call it a ‘hub’).

We specialise in engaging English language coaching AND English for Creative Careers.

We collaborate with a network of local makers, artists and creative professionals so that progressing in your English can feel like taking an artist residency in the UK, whether you stay in your studio and take our practical online language coaching, or jump on a plane and join us for an English immersion experience. 

Further Information


Not sure of your English level? Here’s a can-do list for intermediate students