Learn English on our Immersion Holiday in Scotland

Get Immersed in Art and Culture & Express Yourself in English

English language Holidays for Creatives

Prices start at £1,500 per week – including activities – excluding accommodation.

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Why Do I Need an English Language Holiday?

It’s necessary for a creative career to be able to express yourself freely and completely. You need to share excitement about new ideas, vocalise problems, offer help – and take advantage of the beautiful, spontaneous collaborations that happen all the time across different networks of expertise. 

Freedom of expression is your fuel, your fire: the heart and soul of your work.

Perthshire jeweller Jenna McDonald jewellery workshop at English language school

Except your professional field is a global one – and these conversations are happening in English. 

You’re caught on the wrong foot.

Conversations don’t flow. Requests and opinions are reduced or too clumsy. Ideas falter. Sparks fail to ignite.

Language learning has frustrations for all learners, but this lack of words is particularly bitter for creative thinkers: thoughts and ideas are the most difficult things to express – even in a first language, but in your profession, that’s exactly what you need your English skills to do. 

You can not be a change-maker without your voice.

Your career needs you to be comfortable expressing yourself in English. Until you are, you will continually miss opportunities to speak and to shine.

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Our solution is to have some fun with English.

Have a holiday!

We’re serious!

Blue Noun’s methodology builds your expressive identity in English – not through translating everything you already want to say, but by trying activities that have you thinking, making, laughing and creating in English.

Our English language holidays are enjoyable – and they forge a deep, lasting identity with the English language.

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Relax, explore. Get completely immersed in a new cultural landscape and you will find your words (don’t translate them, grow them), enjoy using new expressions and experiment with old ones in the safest, friendliest of places.

Like a traditional language school, we coach your English, expertly. Unlike a traditional language school, we invite friends and partners to help. They too share stories and information – and keep conversations fresh and interesting.

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Help, I’m Shy!

Yes, our English is better than yours, but we want to hear what you have to say and we can help you say it. There’s no smug hierarchy, only new friends. 

Whatever your passion and profession, our English language holidays show you Perthshire in ways designed to get you using the English language skills you seek.

  • Sip whisky while discovering how our local distillery propelled itself into a top luxury brand.
  • Tour studios and learn first-hand why so many artists chose to live in Perthshire.
  • Kayak through Perth and see city life from the viewpoint of its river wildlife. 
Perth City centre tour by kayak for English language learner immersion activities
Perthshire jeweller Jenna McDonald jewellery workshop at English language school

It’s Personal

You could call it bespoke. 

You could say we make it up as we go along. 

Actually, it’s a mix of both. Your needs and interests combine with our reactive language teaching expertise.

Let us share our excitement for culture – joy in great art, music and architecture. In turn, tell us about the things you love, the work you do – your processes, your dreams, changes in your field, the people you have worked with, what’s on your desk, the tools you need to use, the support you get, a book that’s changed your life, a job you didn’t get, a trip you’d love to make –  and see, see how naturally you can express yourself in English.  

And when the next international collaboration opportunity suddenly pops up – you’ll know just what to say. 

 Holiday Highlights

Mini Groups

Maximum 4  English learners per week.

Fun Social Events

We’ll get you talking with our friends and partners.

Generous Access

7 am -10 pm access to our cosy building.

Tasting Menus

We share the best of Perthshire’s food & drink with you.

Blue Noun English Language School Lesley Mac Makes Workshop visit English immersion activity


Visit the studios of local photographers, painters & printmakers.

Crieff Golf club English language school Perthshire activities menu


Golf Pro David Murchie can introduce you to Crieff’s top-rated inland course.

We have a golf experience for both players and novices.

Blue Noun English Language School English immersion activity bread making


Campbell’s Bakery has invited Blue Noun English language learners to take their bread-making workshop.

Blue Noun English Language School English immersion activity Granola Breakfast


We have a Guest Speaker bring breakfast and present their business while we taste their products.


Enjoy a guided tour of the town’s art life and visit numerous commercial galleries and artist studios across the Strathearn area.

Scottish culture event Blue Noun English Language School English immersion activity


With events introducing Scottish music literature and song.

Blue Noun English Language School English immersion activity The Glenturret Distillery tour


Visit local Glenturret Distillery for an award-winning tour – and discover the history of one of Scotland’s best-loved exports.

English Language School Perthshire - Blue Noun - reading area and windows - repurposed church


Our converted church makes a cosy and relaxed learning environment – which is big enough to welcome plenty of guests to our social events.

Scottish culture event Blue Noun English Language School English immersion activity


We LOVE books and love to share them with you.
Come and browse our collection. 

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How to book

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Start this process with our contact form. 

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We’ve got a menu of experiences for you to try.

English language school homestay hosts

Meet the Homestay Hosts who want to help your English.

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There are so many good reasons to visit Perthshire.