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On this page, you will find out about our English language school teaching philosophy  (our pedagogy).

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We ‘cherry pick’ the best elements of traditional language school teaching…


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Effective through its structure and skilled language coaches.

Often not adapted to professional adult learners –  or tailored to individuals’ varied language needs/learning habits.

Limited or unsupported talk time for each language learner with other learners listening to peers speaking more than a skilled language coach.

Often in ugly corporate architecture or badly converted, small townhouse classrooms (it does matter!)

We reject fake conversations and role play.

Because our class numbers are small, everyone gets ample talk time.

We also have a really gorgeous space to spend time in.

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#02 The Language Café

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Successful because it is an agreeable, low cost, relaxing experience that actually people want to be in.

No professional error correction, no skilled coach managing the time and leading the conversation. Often a distracting number of surrounding conversations and background noise.

We adopt the pleasure of sharing food and coffee together.

Our premises are designed as a private cafe space: all the comforts – none of the distractions.

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#03 The Homestay with a Host Family

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Being hosted by a family can be a friendly & useful cultural exchange, forging friendships for a lifetime.

Homestay English is an amazing way to learn the language. We take much from this model in terms of friendliness and hosting.

It can feel intensive if you are not a gregarious personality.

Introverts struggle with the intensity of this kind of language holiday.

At the end of the day, you get to go somewhere else, do whatever it is you want to do and rejoin us the next day.

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#04 The Immersion Programme

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Exploring and participating in the local environment is a great way to see top tourist sights and begin to learn about a particular region.

Such holidays are rarely tailored to learning professional English.

Although a fun way of discovering a new town/city, immersion holidays are often in large groups, with little individual attention or targeted language practice. While good for young students they are a poor choice for professional adults.

They raise the important question – what cultural experiences do you want to have? Ones made for tourists – or one’s introducing you to the culture and region as our guests and friends?

We introduce you to makers, artists and craftspeople as our guests. Have valuable,  genuine conversations as one professional to another.

Learn about culture and tourism in our region without being sold a story of our nation. 

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(#05 Online English Learning)

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Learning online is a practical choice right now – and keeps financial, time and environmental costs low. 

There are not many who would tell you a Zoom Call is the ideal way to learn a language. 

We can skip the drawbacks of working online as our online English platform is doing things differently.

Sketchbook English is a combination of audio messaging in Slack and a platform of challenges designed for anyone with a creative career.

It’s English learning for artists, by artists.

No Zoom

No Community

Just FUN