The Background to our English Language Hub

Essentially, the conversation went something like this: 

“What we need are high-quality English language lessons for adults that treat professional adult language learners with deference to the sacrifice of time and money they are investing.


It’s got to be packed full of good information.


We can provide our language guests with an amazing holiday experience while improving their English by placing them in professionally relevant contexts.

We need a cool space where you would like to hang out – with music and coffee and people to chat to.  And a culturally-interesting programme of immersion English activities that are a mix of great holiday experiences and professional situations.

Why is no one already providing this? “

Burns night Reading at Blue Noun English Language School Blue Noun ambassadors teaching English
Can Do Crieff Co Working Space and Friends of Blue Noun Language School
Iain Campbell Crieff Baker
The Glenturret Whisky Tasting English language School Scotland  Whisky English lesson

Our Unique Language School Methodology

Ruth, who taught English within traditional and non-traditional language schools for 10 years, had a clear idea for a new kind of learning experience.

She wanted to make English language lessons for adults that treated adults like adults.

By fusing the positive attributes of four different, well-established language learning methods they could create a new learning experience that would suit professional learners. 

The Traditional Language School Class

+ Successful because of its structure and discipline.

– Often not adapted to professional learners – or tailored to individual needs. Limited talk time for each language learner. 

Icon for Traditional English Language Class

The Language Café

+ Successful because it is an agreeable, relaxing experience that actually people want to be in.

–  No professional error correction.

icon for language cafe learning English Scotland conversation in English

The Homestay with a Host Family

+ Being hosted by a family can be a friendly & useful cultural exchange, forging friendships for a lifetime.

– Can be overwhelming living in the same space as your teacher(s). Will you feel like a professional or will you feel like an extra child?

Icon for Host Family Learning English homestay Host Scotland

The Immersion Programme

+ Placing learners within a large number of new English speaking contexts created by exploring and participating in the local environment. A great way to see top sights and learn about a particular region

– Rarely tailored to learning professional English. Often a way of discovering a new town/city – but quite often in large groups with little individual attention or targeted language practice.

Icon for Immersion English guided tour visit city  Visit Scotland

Professional Experience | English language lessons for adults from creative industries

The best of the attributes of each of these four language learning methods were moulded into a new kind of English language course – that is fun, hands-on, interesting and informative – and very much designed to develop professional English skills in actual professional English speaking contexts.


“It’s really not English language lessons for adults if it looks like or feels like a classroom. Get out into the community and talk English!”

Ruth, a trained Artist and ESL Language Teacher and Kenny a Pharmacist both fell in love with the Strathearn Region. They recognised the friendly Highland town of Crieff  (which attracts tourists from all over the world for its landscape) as a hotbed for artists, micro-industries and pioneering eco-agriculture – all of which could become a living classroom for international learners wishing to learn professional English skills in interesting professional contexts.

English language class immersion Scotland learn English in Perthshire Printing press workshop and demo
English for creative professionals Mono printing demo and workshop
Perth City centre tour by kayak for English language learner immersion activities
Blue Noun English coach Lolie at one of our language school curry nights

The Perfect English Language Hub for English language lessons for adults

They then found the remarkable Blue Noun building:  a gorgeously renovated 19th-century church, now renovated into a homely cafe-style space.

It’s an ideal space for language learners to share a coffee, eat together, relax with a newspaper or complete a bit of remote work on a laptop while enjoying a glass of wine/music in the evening.  
Our premises is our ‘hub’. In the Blue Noun building, our clients are with us for traditional language coaching, meals and social events. We also travel with our clients around our local area (Strathearn) and even further afield if there is a cultural activity (concert, castle visit) of particular interest to our clients.
Our language learners come to us, from all over the world (potentially), so far mostly from Northern Europe (it’s close and inexpensive to travel from),  we’d love to host more learners from Japan, China and other Asian countries.
English Language School Scotland Perthshire Exterior Crieff Blue Noun English Language School
Blue Noun English language School teaching table
English Language School Perthshire Blue Noun ambassadors teaching English
our english language classroom is based in an old church

“Very simply, we own a large, generous space where our clients can feel both welcomed by hosts and free to spend social time – and even alone time – as they wish”.

Kenneth Graham, 2019

Jenna McDonald craft workshop at Blue Noun English language School jewellery demo in English