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The Wonderful Comrie Croft – it’s open again!

Hello English language learners and friends of Blue Noun Language Hub in Crieff, Scotland. Today we are going to show you one of the amazing English language school immersion activities we offer – a visit to local eco-business Comrie Croft. 

As usual, this blog is written for English language learners – both as an English lesson and to introduce you to the people you will meet on our English language holidays. We want to give you a taste of the places we visit, the activities we offer – and the food and drink we celebrate!

It is how you can get to know us at our English language hub (a conversation and encounters-based English language school)

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Visit Strathearn, Perthshire

In case you don’t already know, Comrie Croft is a spectacular visit, offering various ways to get the most out of a stay in Strathearn.


You can hire mountain bikes (or bring your own), and explore tracks looping through the hillside and beyond.


Likewise, it’s a great base for hikers too. There is a full range of accommodation choices: cottages, hostels bed or Nordic Katas – plus extensive areas for semi-wild camping (which is wild camping with hot showers!)


It’s as private or friendly as you like, with quiet areas for families.

(For anyone pining for this year’s lost festivals, a visit might be a good stopgap).

Comrie Croft, photo credit: Blue Noun

English language school immersion activities Comrie Croft camping area

Comrie Croft, photo credit: Blue Noun

English Immersion Activity | Mountain Biking

Comrie Croft’s most famous business activity is mountain biking. It has trails lacing through the hillside and the scenery it sits within.

If your idea of fun is rattling don a hillside on two wheels, then we can book you into Comrie Croft for an afternoon of down-hilling.   It’s just one of the complimentary activities we offer for your time off.

The videos below can give you a great introduction to the experience you will have. 


“These Scottish MTB trails are pretty unique compared to most Scottish trail centre trails. The ascent is pretty easy and all the trails at Comrie Croft are in a really compact area. The trails themselves have some nice wee features and lots of rock to practice on.”

Street Pigeon MTB

“A great day on the trails at Comrie Croft in Perthshire. Probably the most natural feeling trails I’ve ridden at a trail centre.”

The Flowing Scotsman


Comrie Croft | English language School immersion activities


There’s a lot more options than trail riding.

For example, there’s road cycling to enjoy in the area,  as Comrie Croft is positioned within a beautiful landscape. 

People are often first introduced to Comrie Croft as a wedding venue, returning again and again after discovering just how good base it makes for family holidays.

At its hub there’s an eco-lodge with excellent amenities – a farm shop stocked with camping essentials and top-quality ethical food.

The Winter Cafe is truly amazing: with fabulous salads and home baking.

Tomnaha Market Garden is located within Comrie Croft’s acreage,  a farm growing produce in harmony with nature – providing organic produce for the Comrie Croft farm shop and cafe – and the wider community.

We regularly take our English language learners on a guided tour of the market garden to meet the growing team and find out about the outreach work they do to interest shoppers in the story of how their produce reaches their table.

English language school immersion activities Comrie Croft  Tomnaha Market Garden

Tomnah’a Market Garden at Comrie Croft, photo credit: Blue Noun

English language school immersion activities Comrie Croft Tomnaha Market Garden

Tomnah’a Market Garden at Comrie Croft, photo credit: Blue Noun

Since 2015, we’ve been growing fresh flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs and hens on a 5-acre site in gorgeous rural Perthshire, Scotland, with the aim of creating a beautiful and abundant garden that can inspire creativity, provide for the local community and connect people to the land.


Tomnah’a Market Garden

Comrie Croft: An ethical business and an exciting business model 

We love that Comrie Croft model how making environmentally friendly and ethical business a priority can be successful.



Equally wonderful to us is how it offers everyone fairly easy (and comfortable) ways to connect with nature, including that essential experience of discovering it themselves: the quick joy of a kite sighting, or the rush of exhilaration as the rump of a deer crashes away from you through the woods.


Whether you are experienced or just beginning your journey into appreciating and loving the natural world, a visit to the Croft offers much. For many, it’s an unforgettable immersion into nature – for more experienced naturalists, it’s a delight to see how cleverly the Croft works in conjunction with its natural setting.
Live language learning!
English language school immersion activities Comrie Croft wooden sign

Signpost, Comrie Croft, photo credit: Blue Noun

English language school immersion activities Comrie Croft kite flying

Kite circling above Comrie Croft, photo credit: Blue Noun

swift in flight Logie Kirk by Blue Noun English language school
swift in flight Logie Kirk by Blue Noun English language school

At Blue Noun we love chatting about all things art and celebrate having excellent, talented people all around us to do it with. We facilitate real cultural and creative exchanges happening, whether it’s in our language learning space – the Blue Noun Hub – or out and about visiting studios and workshops.

We also love showing off the beauty of Perthshire and the food and craft produce that is making it world-famous. Our whisky tastings are legendary!

Our business is also intended to be of benefit to the artist/maker economy of Perthshire. We bring our international creative guests into studios for a genuine exchange of cultures and art-making. Yes it’s an English lesson, but it is so much more!  (Plus we pay all our artists and guest speakers for their time)

Come and join us for an English language learning holiday and grab a taste of Perthshire! 

Find Tomnah’a Market Garden here
Find Comrie Croft here



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We hope you’ve enjoyed us sharing our English language school immersion activities with you.

We cover a broad range of topics in our blogs – some a lighthearted look at Scotland, others an in-depth look at art and culture.

There’s something for every creative!  You might like to read about another of our immersion activities – Kayaking the River Tay.

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