How to get to Crieff

On this page, we assist you to plan your journey to Blue Noun English Language School in Perthshire.

By tractor? 

Only kidding – but here’s the JAC tractor run passing the Blue Noun English Language School front door! 

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How to get to Crieff using public transport

Some people like to use public transport to get to their English language holiday course.  For some, it’s part of the fun of language holiday experience – and it’s great for the environment.

Using public transport to travel to Crieff is quite easy if you use the 4 steps detailed above and follow the advice below. 


We suggest you:

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Step 1. Fly to Edinburgh or Glasgow airport.

Both airports are roughly the same distance from Crieff (50-60 miles).  

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Step 2. Airport link to the city.

Both Edinburgh & Glasgow airports have very frequent bus links into their cities train/bus stations.

Getting to Bue Noun English language school in Crieff - train

Step 3. Take the train to Dunblane or Stirling.

Both cities have trains every 30 minutes to Stirling and/or Dunblane. 

Bus to Crieff from Stirling Dunblane

Step 4. Take the local bus to Crieff.

Take the No.15/15A Bus to Crieff (it’s regular, around once an hour but stops around 7.30 pm – but NOT on a SUNDAY ).

Car journey from Perth to Crieff

Explore amazing countryside with our English Language School in Perthshire.


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How to get to Crieff by car

For those planning to combine golf or other outdoor sports with their English course, it might be worth hiring a car.
 Situated on the A85 between Perth and Crianlarich, Crieff is also just 10 miles off the A9 between Perth and Stirling. If you’ve got a satnav, simply pop in the postcode – PH7 4DW – and it’ll take you straight to us. It is metered parking in front of our door – but there’s plenty of free parking in the area – (Burrell Street for example).
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How to get to Crieff using our language school pick up service.

We can arrange a Pick Up from either Glasgow/ Edinburgh airport or Dunblane / Gleneagles railway station.

This service is through a partner local taxi company, and additional charges apply.

NB:  see our Ts&Cs page about booking cancellations for our aiport pick up service..