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It’s a 3.0 Black Friday | Barry Allan Scott Studio Visit | English for Artists

It’s Black Friday, a time of year with a frenzy of offers designed to tip consumers into purchasing. Today we’re going to tell you about something that you might just want to buy (and no, we’re not selling it).

Tech Story: Behind the scenes at Blue Noun English Language School

You can learn much about a person by their tools. In this blog, Blue Noun tell you about the tech behind the business, showing you the real language coach Ruth in the process.

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Sew What? | Crieff Tartan Scraps Find New Life in New Zealand | Crafting, Recycling & COP26

“One thing that has become increasingly important to me is to work towards being more ethical and sustainable in my fabric use.”
Susan Brebner

When Yuk gets Immortalised | Lisa Scrimgeour | Learn English with Scottish Art

Lisa doesn’t shy from fuchsia pinks and fluffy ears and unicorn horns, but she does counterpoint them with mucky layers of baked beans and congealed, ‘I don’t even want to know what’.

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