Talk & Draw | Welcome to our New Drawing Class | Perthshire

At Blue Noun English Language School we offer diverse activities for all our English language learners and our local community – bringing people together in new, social ways.

And we now have a drawing event happening every Sunday for our English learners to drop in on.



Are you local to Perthshire?

‘Talk and Draw’ is a guided drawing class loosely covering content required for developing a portfolio for entry into college or art school. Lead language coach Ruth taught on Foundations programmes in both the USA and France and loves sharing art skills.

Work at your own pace and on your own project – or join in one of the day’s set up still lives, media challenges, technique challenges and/or themes.


We can squeeze in keen & experienced amateurs too – we’re ultimately trying to provide a resource for young/early career artists needing a bit of portfolio coaching – and focusing on traditional drawing skills and techniques because that is an Art School portfolio requirement. Having said that, it’s flexible. If you know what you want to work on but you just want some company… join us. 


Is it for you?


Maybe. We hope so, but please note that we are a self-styled alternative English language School and we curate the mix of people our English learning guests meet.  

Please check out our Social Action Policy and decide if you are a good fit (in short, will you help make our language guests feel welcome and treat our property and guests with respect).

If so, Blue Noun’s Talk & Draw Club is a great way of talking to locals, meeting new people and sharing art, stories and cultures in a very comfortable setting.

Contact us to find out more. 

Drawing Class Perthshire drawing class
Talk & Draw, our new drawing class Perthshire
Kirsty (UK), David (Italy) and Laura (Spain) doing some prep work for a still life.
Photo credit: Blue Noun

A quick note from the author

We began the Blue Noun blog back in 2019, when we called ourselves a ‘language school’ (we now call ourselves a language hub) and we were building up our business completely from scratch.

Our first few months were spent making friends in the community, researching homestay hosts for our language guests and finding out about all the good local places and activities to take our language learning guests.

In 2021 we moved the Blue Noun website to a different platform. We had the option of deleting these old blogs – they are very different form our current, more pedagogic style of posting, but I think they are quite charming to see how our young business grew, turning from a language school run by an artist – into a language hub which really began to focus on coaching artists in English by immersing them in creative environments.