Artist Encounters

For Professional and Social English Skills

Meet artists for professional social English skills

I need to meet a lot of people in my job, what’s a good way to gain professional social English skills?

You best build social skills in English through real experiences: get talking whenever you can and practice across a wide range of contexts. Don’t avoid conversations because of your English level. You need to hunt out all the opportunities you can get!

Talk to the widest variety of people you can find

The online  Club House community is great for this (and free too). Supplement real experience with authentic listening sources (podcasts, chat shows) and even conversations in fiction books.

Immersion English holidays are great practice too – just make sure you pick one with lots of variety of people and introductions!

For example, Blue Noun Language Hub‘s immersion English holidays get you chatting with artists and makers.

This page is all about meeting our artist community.

You can find details of our immersion English holiday here.

How would it feel to enjoy socialising professionally? 

Blue Noun Language Hub has a network of artists who would love to show you their artwork and studios – as well as discover what you do. 

Soft Skills

In English, we use the term ‘soft skills’ to describe the personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

The good news is such skills generally transcend language differences! Your rapport with others goes way beyond words and language.

You don’t need perfect English to communicate attractively, and with warmth and friendship. 

Only it’s not always easy to believe statements like this.

Speaking English makes you feel vulnerable. Imperfection can stop your flow.

It’s more often insecurity over speaking English that hampers professional social English skills than the English skills themselves.

Practicing builds experience and confidence, as well as any technical language skills you need.

In English, the greatest technical skill you need for professional social English skills is awareness of tone.

      Tips on Professional Social English Skills

      The Right Tone

      One of the trickiest parts of socialising professionally in English is knowing the right tone of language to use.

      Many languages have clear differences between formal and informal language set within their structure.

      English is trickier.

      For example, in more formal situations we use different language to ask for something. Compare, ‘I wonder if you could possibly pass me the salt‘, and ‘hand me that salt, please’.

      The first example is formal English. The second is informal.

      The professional social English skills you need walk the line between both these two extremes.

      Too formal and you appear unfriendly. Too informal and you risk sounding rude.

       ‘Excuse me, could you pass me that salt please.’

      The best way to learn social English skills is to practice them within a similarly formal context.

      Attention: that’s not a family homestay setting. That is a relaxed but professional space.

          Get talking to our Artist Network

          Why Meet Artists on your Immersion English Holiday?

          At Blue Noun Language Hub, we have a network of artists who would love to show you their artwork and studios.

          We work with local artists for several reasons:

          • Whether you are creative or not, almost everyone can enjoy a studio visit.
          • Artists’ studio talks are the perfect context for professional, semi-formal English practice in ‘tone’.
          • Artists are quite familiar with having to present their work to strangers. Generally, they are good at making conversations on a range of topics and have a curiosity about all kinds of specialisations.
          • Artists have private, quiet workplaces
          • In Perthshire, many artist studios are surrounded by gorgeous countryside.
          • Artists are vulnerable. Artists are sharing ideas and creations which are very dear and personal. Your speaking English with them matches that vulnerability level, and creates strong bonds. 
          • We love to support local artists by bringing them financial opportunities and audience.

          Can you think of a more pleasurable English experience than meeting different artists in their studio, learning about them, and their work – immersed in Scottish creative culture?

          More than anything, we love bringing creatives together.

          You can get talking with our artist network.

          Holidays from £1,600 per week 

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          Meet the Artists

          Perthshire Open Studios Meet the Makers  for Social English Skills

          Perthshire Open Studios

          200 Artists and 140 Venues!

          It’s Perthshire’s Annual Open Studios. Once a year, local galleries and artists team up to show off the creative practices of our region.

          Perthshire Open Studios often combines with the unlocking of some special buildings too.

          Learn More

          Meet the Makers Creative Exchange Perth | Social English Skills

          Lisa Scrimgeour

          Lisa’s paintings are unsettling for all the right reasons!  I suspect her paintings incite different emotions between men and women, parents and non-parents – but we can discuss it when you get here

          Learn More

           Meet the Makers for Social English Skills - Artist Kathy Collins

          Painter & Printmaker, Kathy Collins

          Superb local artist Kathy Collins invites us into her world of art and nature.

          Visit her in her studio, lunch by her private and secluded riverside, and find out about the Cyanotype prints she makes.

          Learn More

          Perthshire Open Studios Meet the Makers English Language Holiday Programme

          Jeweller  & Designer, Jenna McDonald

          From time to time, Jenna joins us to demonstrate her jewellery-making techniques to Blue Noun English learners. She regularly runs workshops at the Creative Exchange Studios, in Perth.

          Learn More

          Artist Barry Scott  Meet the Makers for Social English Skills

          Barry Scott Artist & Picture Framer

          Join Barry for a painting workshop in his picturesque painting studio. Barry is a specialist in realism and landscape painting. He takes Blue Noun language guests out for some plein air painting. 

          Learn More

          Ceri White ceramics for meet the artists for Social English Skills

          Ceri White Ceramicist

          We are HUGE fans of Ceri’s pots. (Can’t seem to visit her in her studio without buying another one). 

          Learn More

          Babs Pease studio for meet the artists for Social English Skills

          Babs Pease – Printmaker

          Babs Pease‘s prints of Scottish wildlife are truly superb. Visit her studio and learn about her artwork and inspirations. 

          Learn More

          Artist June McEwan for meet the artists Social English Skills

          June McEwan’s Workshop

          Not only is local artists June a great creative talent, but she’s also a fountain of knowledge on community arts – and local history.

          A visit to her workshop is to discover our local culture in depth.

          Learn More

          Feel confident talking with professional artists, craftspeople, and industry experts with Blue Noun Language Hub.