Blue Noun’s Ruth at the Edinburgh Festival in search of ESL English language learners.
Photo credit: Blue Noun

A Day Out for our English Language School

Hello ESL English language learners and friends of Blue Noun English Hub in Scotland!


Last weekend, Blue Noun joined the fun happening across Edinburgh – letting people know that there’s a new way to learn English in Scotland.
Yup, Kenny & Ruth joined the street artists on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, becoming a tiny component of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Just for fun, firework icons by The Noun Project.

Every day of the Edinburgh Festival ends with a spectacular Firework Show across the city. 

A Quick Introduction to the Edinburgh Fringe 

Here’s a nice video on Youtube introducing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“This is my selection of some of the acts that I liked performing mainly on the Royal Mile adjacent to St Giles Cathedral. There are professional street entertainers, amateur buskers, living statues and performers giving tasters of their full shows on elsewhere. Enjoy the atmosphere!”

Street Theatre on Royal Mile during Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015

Film Credit: K Bryce Morrison


“This video aims to show a wide selection [of the Fringe] although it misses out acts with unicycles, straight jackets and the juggling of torches or chainsaws.”

K Bryce Morrison, 2015

Stirling castle English language school visit flowers sunset
Stirling castle English language school visit flowers sunset
Blue Noun’s Ruth & Kenny at the Edinburgh Festival
Photo credit: Blue Noun

It is Quite a Party!

The Royal Mile is famous worldwide.


It is traditionally where performers from all the Fringe performances across Edinburgh dress up and/or perform exerts of their show for free (hoping that this taster will later sell tickets).
Due to the sheer quantity of shows, there’s competition driving each one into more and more extroverted displays.
It’s also full of protesters, musicians, street artists and people from around the world.
The result is a medieval, cobbled street just full of colour, noise and people – with mad events and sights happening all over.
The Royal Mile is often the first stop for tourists to gather to plan their festival – or just soak up the wonderful, crazy, fun atmosphere.

“Are You learning English?”

Last weekend, Blue Noun were there shamelessly promoting our English language school with our signs in Chinese and Japanese, reading ‘Are You Learning English’ to tell people about the unique courses offered by Blue Noun in Crieff.
We met a lot of great people!
Thanks to everyone who stopped to say hello!

Learn English with Art and Culture


Thank you for reading about our English Language School visit to the Edinburgh Festival in search of ESL English Language learners.


I hope to show you that our team is fun – and that we love an excuse to get involved in cultural events of quality and excitement.

It’s what we aim to offer our English language learning guests – although not on the scale of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Our English language school will visit all kinds of cultural festivals.

Read about Blue Noun taking part in a local street festival.


paint splatter

Read more about The Edinburg Festival here

A quick note from the author

We began the Blue Noun blog back in 2019, when we called ourselves a ‘language school’ (we now call ourselves a language hub) and we were building up our business completely from scratch.

Our first few months were spent making friends in the community, researching homestay hosts for our language guests and finding out about all the good local places and activities to take our language learning guests.

In 2021 we moved the Blue Noun website to a different platform. We had the option of deleting these old blogs – they are very different form our current, more pedagogic style of posting, but I think they are quite charming to see how our young business grew, turning from a language school run by an artist – into a language hub which really began to focus on coaching artists in English by immersing them in creative environments.