Welcome Travellers! I have an English for Baristas free resource for you!

There are about 150,000 baristas currently working in the UK. Many are from overseas.

If it is your ambition to be among them, then you should get your English for Baristas language into shape BEFORE you begin handing your CV into coffee shops.

Blue Noun we have written a free PDF in English for Baristas to get you familiar with all the English language terms spoken around the coffee machine.

They are put in context around a coffee making lesson. 

At Blue Noun Language School, we’re all about helping artists and makers, creatives and travellers. 

This resource is free, sign up for it (via the form above), and it will be sent straight to your inbox!

Let us know if it helps you get a job!

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Good luck with your coffee-making journey!

Bonus Tips: Where to start looking for Barista work



– Check out the Indeed Website for up-to-date listings for Baristas throughout the UK.

–  Print off copies of your CV to hand into coffee shops around where you live. Tip: find out the manager’s name and put your CV in a sealed envelope with their name on. 

– Visit the coffee shop as a customer and discover if you would like to work there. Do they treat the staff well? How are tips divided?

– Have a UK mobile number to make it easier to contact you. 




Think you can’t get a good coffee at a language school? Think again!

Ruth, 2020