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Love Your English

It’s often overlooked, but feeling good speaking English is a valid language goal.

It’s often the most important thing about your English, because, over time, only this makes the difference between your English doing this 📈 or this 📉.

Tthat’s the difference between future you speaking or staying silent (and in your career, doors opening or staying closed).

The Problem with Corporate Language Schools

Building confident, happy English is not as measurable as, say, learning 5 phrasal verbs or a certain grammar structure, so it gets ignored by most English courses.

Even though it matters, the effects are long-term not short-term, who cares?

Not your mainstream language school!

We Care!

The Independent Revolution

Until recently, reluctant English users had limited options:

Ignore English

📉 And this happens so gradually you don’t even notice.

Force yourself into misaligned, uncomfortable & inconvenient language classes

You learn more words & grammar, but you still hate to speak.

Happily, these days, to learn English you don’t have to pay a corporate language school top prices to give you an impersonal, industrialised and bland service.

Thanks to independent ELT teachers and coaches, you can learn however, wherever and whatever you need*.

Scottish Adventures in English Conversation - 4 girls on a boat laughing.

The 3rd Option

Here at Blue Noun, we’re champions of the 3rd option.

We are an independent language school in Scotland, and our speciality is helping you enjoy your English.

And that means 📈, because people who enjoy speaking English, use it, keep adding to it – and perform well across all English-speaking contexts.

Relaxing into English can unlock your English-speaking future.

And we know to make that happen!

Not me, I really hate English!

Because Language Immersion Does Not Happen in a Classroom…

English Conversation Holidays

Scotland just got possible graphic for English language school scotland. Scottish Adventures in English Conversation

Scottish Adventures in English Conversation

Join us in beautiful Perthshire for 1:1 (or mini-group) English language experiences combining gentle English language coaching with adventures that explore Scotland’s landscape and culture.

Feeling Happy is Powerful

Our English Conversation Holidays transform you from an English avoider into someone who enjoys speaking and can’t wait to learn more.


“I came here to learn English for my job.

Now I’m leaving, I want to keep learning English for me!”.

Marie-Laure, 2023


boat trip with scottish flag at sunset. Scottish Adventures in English Conversation

Scottish Adventures in English Conversation

For Travellers in Scotland

Single Day Excursions

a visit to the Wallace Monument Stirling. Girl looking at view

If you are touring Scotland and not getting the conversation practice you’d hoped, why not join us for a one-day Immersion Excursion?

We’ve got a menu of English immersion activities to share with you, even with your whole family.

What a difference a day makes! 

Online English

Top Up | Online English Conversation Coaching

Unlike most online English classes, Top Up is not aiming for you to know MORE English.

Instead, it rehearses and refines the things you already know.

It’s no pressure, no stress English practice designed to set your words free. 

Feel confident speaking the English you already know and stop the slide 📉!

Keep your English ‘topped up’ until you know your next learning challenge.

Trust us to get you talking!

Online English Needs Analysis

* Choice can be overwhelming.

We’ve met a lot of people who haven’t discovered how they best learn a language, or the style of teacher that will keep them engaged, and deliver the results they need quickly and enjoyably.

As we advise all our English conversation holidaymakers on ways to continue improving on their return, we’ve turned this into a one-off consultation anyone can access.

Our Needs Analysis includes matching you with independent online English teachers who we know do a great job.

Get help to find the online English teacher who will get YOU results. 

Hub Love

Whether you practice with us online or on holiday, you’ll make friendships for life.

our creativity is your path to success image of easy path to walk.

Happenings at the Hub

Our Blog

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Take a Mosaic Workshop on Your Holiday to Improve in English

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Language Learning… Differently

Blue Noun Language Hub
– A REAL Alternative to Classroom Language Learning!

Escape the Classroom!

Adults, you don’t learn the same way you did at school.

And that’s good news!

It means learning can feel like freedom (not the opposite!)

At Blue Noun, there’s no role-play, no fake/cringy stuff – and 100% no classrooms!

Whether you join us in Scotland or online, you can relax into English, as we invite you into conversations through which you explore our culture.

sir Walter Scott boat ride on Lock Katrine. Visit Scotland to learn English
graphic for 5 stars

For me, Ruth is more than just a teacher and a coach, she is an incredibly kind and attentive person I can truly connect with.

With her infectious enthusiasm, her empathy and her great sense of humor, she has helped me to overcome barriers and – in just a few days – express myself more freely and authentically in English.

R Fuchs

Ruth is a wonderful hostess! I attended an event at Blue Noun recently with some other local ladies and had such a lovely time. Ruth has created a warm and safe space for local events and makes everyone so welcome. What a great place to have in Crieff!

Nicki Sutcliffe

Ruth at Blue Noun brings people learning English together with locals and creatives to make a truly nurturing environment in which to learn or create something new.

Barry Allan Scott

Ruth is an amazing teacher, always incredibly helpful and supportive. She managed to create not just English school, but a real English hub, where you can share your experiences, get support, try something new and learn useful vocabulary while talking to people.

Нина Городецкая

I know Ruth for a while now.
She is helping international people with their English, supporting local creatives – and promoting the Perthshire region.
She is very good and reliable and also very creative and full of ideas.

Daiva Osipovaite

Blue Noun is a beautifully inclusive and welcoming place to learn. If you get a chance to work with Ruth and the team, don’t hesitate, do it!

Hedgerow Hippy

Ruth comes across as a highly professional and passionate teacher. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Blue Noun

Sam Dawes

Ruth is a talented, friendly and welcoming professional dedicated to helping people learn English in a fun and supportive way. Highly Recommend!

Hannah Gibson

Ruth is a delightful, talented and warm person, and the space she has created in Crieff for her clients is absolutely beautiful – so inspiring!!! I’m thrilled to be working with her ☺️
Thank you, Ruth!!

Lhamo Bethany Halcrow

Blue Noun Language hub is in a wonderful location in the centre of Crieff – Ruth does some amazing work with creatives to help them reach their goals in English.

I’m sure she can help you too!

Jennie Reed

One of the best things with Ruth is not only you are learning English you are working on your confidence and enjoying speaking! 

Valencia Life

I’ve been in Crieff a month and my experience with Ruth has been amazing! She teaches English in an innovative and creative way.

In addition to the lectures in her school ( with coffee and cakes) we visited three big cities, walked through nature and talked with other students…

Thank you so much Ruth for your support.
I recommend to all those who want to learn English so interactive.
Annalisa Giacardi

Blue Noun is very friendly and supportive. Merging the Arts with English as a fun engaging way to learn. ☺️ Connecting Scotland to our international friends, and based in the beautiful Perthshire countryside, it truly is an amazing place to explore and expand your English.


English activities in Perthshire - herablist walk Blue Noun Language School
Visiting the bluebells at Strowan Cemetery
English activities in Perthshire - English lessons at Blue Noun Language School Ruth Pringle
English coaching at Blue Noun Language Hub

Summary of our holidays –

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