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Top Up Online English Coaching for Busy Lives


Spring into English

Give your English a chance to grow roots, leaves and flowers.

Ride the optimism of spring. There’s transformation all around you.

And no better time to grow your English.

seedling growing
seedling growing

It’s Time to Get Your English Ready

Our Spring into English Top Up is for you if:

🌷 You are going on an English-speaking holiday and don’t want rusty English.

🌼 A more intensive English course would be wrong for reasons of time, energy, or schedule 

🌷 Your English lessons were a long time ago and you want to refresh your skills.

🌼 You have had a life change. You are back in your homeland after living in an English-speaking country.

🌷 You want to have fun speaking English.

🌼 You want an English course you want to show up to. 

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Top up Your English this Spring

With online English coaching around YOUR Schedule.

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English conversation classes on YOUR schedule

It takes time to ‘bank’ carefree English moments in your heart (as well as the actual language in your head).

Keep them fresh and they will be with you wherever your English takes you.

Let them fade, and opportunities fade away too.” 

Ruth, 2024

Take the pressure OFF!


The focus of this top up class is not more English, but better English.

seedling growing

Online English Course Features

🌷Friendly, coached conversation practice designed to keep you ‘topped up’ and feeling good speaking English.

🌼 Flexible schedule. Got some free time? Check out my schedule and book your chat. (Alternatively, pick out an available time slot and book your 10 fortnightly lessons in one go) (We can do this via WhatsApp).

🌷 Flexible Coach.

I know things come up with work & kids.
You can even cancel twice without losing a lesson – just let me know up to 3 hours before class).

Flexible schedule for a busy life

Because doing some English is WAYYYYY better than no English! 

Your English matters.

Make growing it manageable.

This springtime, create a warm, healthy space for it.

Treat your English to the light, love and fun you deserve!

And see what you attract! 


Plant Your Seeds

Feeling good speaking English is the single most important part of your English learning journey – yet most learners don’t realise how crucial it is – or how fragile it is.

Invest in feeling good speaking English this spring, and grow your English for summer 2024.

seeds growing graphic
seedling growing


🌷 For international English language speakers of any profession, seeking enjoyable, ‘a la carte,’ stress-free English experiences.

🌼 Suitable for – upper intermediate to advanced language skills. (These are not ‘lessons’ but practice sessions). 

🌷 Ruth Pringle, lead coach at Blue Noun Language Hub is the principal teacher on the Top Up My English online English course.

seedling growing


You choose.

Book when you have the urge – or book 10 regular top-ups over the next 20 weeks: there are lots of slots available.

Buy Top Up My English and get 10 x 1 hr Talk Time vouchers, to use this spring.

top up my English - as easy as getting your nails done

It’s as easy as getting your nails done!

Just use your 10 classes between Easter & 1st July 2024, and keep your English flowing. 

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Private online English Coaching

Live English conversations around themes of your work and workplace, your lifestyle and interests and themes/topics (general interest/culture)via Zoom.

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All content is tailored to your level and your development goals – of which the priority is to enjoy speaking English, and gain fluency & confidence.  


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Top Up Your English is £445

Have you worked with us before?

Your Blue Noun alumni price is just £395 (because we want to keep you learning!

Alumni Offer.

Limited Offer

This spring, we’re keeping things fresh by exploring Scotland and researching activities for our 2024 English conversation holidays.

It means that we’ve only got availability for 5 x 2024 Spring into Summer Top Up online English vouchers. 

Will YOUR English be ready for summer?

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Further Information

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English Conversation Holidays in Scotland

As an English learner, are you more Salmon or Sailboat?

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