English Immersion  Holidays in Scotland

Be an English Speaker

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Real Conversations

Blue Noun English immersion holidays offer the experience of being an English speaker in Scotland.

That’s not the same as ‘practice’ (even lots of practice) inside a language school.

It’s you, being you, in English – right here in Scotland with us.


Don’t come to Scotland as an ‘English learner’.

And absolutely don’t go home as an English learner (😱 so many language ‘holidays’ just ingrain this!).

You are an English speaker, whatever your level.

You’ll make mistakes – and we’ll start to fix them.

Murky on grammar – we’ll get you clear.

Lacking accuracy?

It’s no problem.
Our coaching will build all this (and more).


Be an English Speaker

Being an English speaker doesn’t prevent you from learning, but being an English learner sure can prevent you from speaking!

Let’s begin by putting the image of you being an ‘English learner’ in the past.

It’s time to be an English speaker.

And this means that it’s time for some varied, wonderful, cultural, and professional experiences in which you use English authentically to build friendships, relationships, collaborations and communicate your opinions.

In other words, it’s time to be you in English.

(And enjoy it!)

1. English Immersion Activities

Fill your heart with Scotland, as you learn about the River Tay‘s ecology from a kayak. Have a Scottish wildlife encounter with conservationists, like Argaty Red Kites.

Don’t just see tourist sights – explore them. Sail under the Forth Rail Bridge. Discover how Outlander has changed Scotland, or how the Whisky Distilleries compete with each other.

The deeper you get into a culture, the more the language belongs to you.

See our Activities Menu.

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image of homestay hosts for English language holiday in Scotland

2. English Holiday Homestay Hosts

Our Homestay hosts are selected for their warmth as much as their lovely home.

Your homestay isn’t just a comfy place to sleep, it’s your invitation to become part of an English-speaking household and exchange culture on a significant level.

More than just a room… meet our wonderful Homestay Hosts


    3. Creative Conversations

    We take you to visit Perthshire artists, makers, craftspeople and micro-business owners in their workspaces for REAL conversations.

    To encounter Scottish makers is to discover Scotland from within.

    Speak one professional to another, and be inspired.

    Meet the Makers

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    English language coach in Scotland - laughing black and white

    4. Specialist English Coaching

    Your holiday is designed around reaching predetermined language learning targets that are set and managed by a qualified ETL coach.

    Your English will progress, measurably, but knowing (even) more English won’t help you if it still feels wrong.

    At Blue Noun, we work hardest on having a great time in English.

    Meet the Teaching Team.

    Language Learning, Differently

    ✅ Be an English speaker in artist studios, micro-businesses and at community events.

    ✅ Be a professional in English, as you present your work and chat with local producers about theirs.

    ❎ Don’t be a tourist: join our community and become part of Scotland.

    English Immersion in Scotland

    We’ll share Scotland with you, selecting and curating opportunities for you to be an English speaker, because THAT’s the kind of empowering language development that will be with you wherever you go.

    Live language learning.


    English activities in Perthshire - Drummond Casltle Gardens walk Blue Noun Language School

    Blue Noun Language Hub – a REAL alternative classroom language holidays.

    You can enjoy unique cultural experiences thanks to our local community of maker friends, who want to share their work with you.

    Getting you ‘behind the scenes’ and into extraordinary places!   

    Holiday Features at a Glance

    Mini Groups

    Maximum 3  L2 English speakers per week.

    Fun Social Events

    Get talking with our friends and partners.

    Generous Access

    7 am -10 pm access to our space

    Tasting Menus

    Sample the best of Perthshire’s food & drink.

    Highland Hospitality

    Perthshire is famous for its warmth and friendliness.

    Meet the Makers

    Meet Perthshire Makers and visit artist studios, workshops and whisky distilleries.

    Comfy Space

    Sofas, comfy chairs and reading spaces.


    Daily visits and activities.

    No one wants to waste a holiday.

    Don’t waste yours!