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Why choose an English holiday homestay for your language holiday?

Language homestays give you:

  • Immersion into the community
  • Extra English language practice
  • Friends for life
  • A taste of family life

And don’t worry, ours will give you as much privacy as you would like!

Comfort Matters!

Your English language homestay is not an aside to your experience: it’s another layer of pleasure to expect from your holiday.

Make sure to choose a language school that also has a great community of homestay hosts!

You Can Relax

There are hotel and B & B options in Crieff, but why not relax and trust us to find you friendly and welcoming hosts, who are used to providing exceptionally nice stays for professional guests?

At Blue Noun, your homestay hosts don’t just provide clean and comfortable lodgings, they want to be part of your holiday.

Carefully Chosen Hosts

Our homestay hosts are carefully selected – with one criterium being their passion for meeting new, international people.

Chosen for YOU (not by you)

Please note that if you select ‘homestay host’ when booking, we manage your accommodation for you.

That’s not necessarily someone on this page, but we assure you – all our hosts are carefully selected!

See our FAQs for more information.

English holiday homestay hosts
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Friendliness and hospitality are renowned traits of the Scottish Highlands.

You will find our host families proof of this!

Creative English Learning

We are proud of our fabulous holiday Homestay Hosts!

Your English holiday homestay will feel special! As well as offering you a comfortable room, our hosts & host families want to spend time with you, share good times together, and be a positive part of your holiday experience.

Quite simply, our Homestay Hosts are selected to be part of the big Blue Noun hub/ family and can’t wait to welcome you to our part of the world.

Are you interested hosting for Blue Noun?

Meet Your Homestay Hosts

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Keith and Fiona

Meet Keith and Fiona – as well as being retired/ semi-retired professionals, they are makers of amazing pancakes and lovers of art and music.

Both volunteer at the fantastic Strathearn Arts (our neighbours).

Their home is beautiful, and it’s just a couple of minutes’ walk away from our language school.

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Host accommodation English language school

Dale and Bob

Dale and Bob live in a 3 story flat with a turret!

They are both semi-retired professionals now turning their hand to all kinds of interesting projects. They love meeting interesting people.

 Not only is their home remarkable, but it’s also just across the road from our school. (No excuse to late here!)

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Host accommodation English language school


Mhairi’s home is full of charm and peace. It’s a beautiful old Victorian villa, with comfortable bedrooms and a luscious garden, – and some fabulous art.

She lives with her husband and two teenage children (and two cats).

Mhairi is a skilled cook -with vegan food as her specialty! It’s a fun, creative household!

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Host accommodation English language school

Daisy (and Moss!)

Daisy lives in the beautiful St Fillans, a village on the edge of Loch Earn and surrounded by tall mountains.

Although 20 miles away, Crieff is easily reached by bus. (Daisy has also offered a little help with transportation for her guests).

Daisy and Moss live in a beautiful home. Her guest bedroom is a self-contained little bedsit, with a private entrance. (It opens onto some magnificent views!)

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Host accommodation English language school

Gae and Kim

Gae and Kim live 10- 15 minutes walk away from Blue Noun in a beautiful bright and warm home.

Even though it’s about 100 years old, the inside is modern and cosy!

Gae has an academic background and Kim is involved with our local association ‘Crieff in Leaf.’

Originating from Cambridgeshire, they moved to Crieff when they both retired, attracted by the mountains, spectacular scenery and small-town charm.

As they say, it is so central it is a good base to travel around Scotland (which they do with their camper van).

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(Remember to let us know when you are booking about any allergies/food preferences).

Some of our English language school homestay host accommodation

Catriona and David 

Catriona and David live in a lovely stone Edwardian semi-detached house with their two daschunds (Otto and Rosa) (and an occasional visit from their adult son).

David is retired Catriona works part-time.

They have a wonderfully quiet and friendly house (just 10 minute’s walk from Blue Noun).

They can offer their guests a double bedroom and private bathroom during their stay.

Don’t forget to enjoy a coffee on their terrace, and enjoy their beautiful garden with views across to the Ochil Hills.

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Host accommodation English language school

Lesley and Gordon

Lesley and Gordon (although very friendly people!) want to invite you to use their private cottage during your holiday with Blue Noun English Language School.

This self-contained apartment has two bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room (with wifi and TV) and fantastically appointed bathroom.

It has its own entrance and private access to the garden.

While it is technically available year-round, they do also host a number of touring classic car enthusiasts throughout the year, so their cottage is only partially available to our learners.

As well as loving vintage cars, Gordon has a leading role with the fantastic Strathearn Arts.

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Host accommodation English language school

 Miranda, Jamie (and about 200 red deer!)

Miranda and Jamie (and up to 3 teenage children) live between Crieff and the village of Comrie in a fabulous large Victorian country house.

At least they have plenty of bedrooms to pick from – with around 5 spare rooms available!

They are the owners of the fantastic Crieff Food Co. (a delicatessen and store which specialises in local regional produce of Strathearn – and Scotland),

Their house is set on huge, beautiful grounds. The family-run a red deer farm from this land, supplying the local area with high-quality venison raised in virtually wild conditions.

It’s a great place for animal lovers. They keep dogs (a West Highland terrier and a spaniel) and horses (and are “horse mad”).

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Host accommodation English language school

Aileen, Nick & the Fir Tree Guest House

Aileen and Nick run the Fir Tree Guest House in Crieff.

They have a remarkable 5 rooms which they rent out, including one self-contained flat, (which sleeps 4).

(This would be a great accommodation option for anyone travelling to Blue Noun with their family)

Prices differ from homestay prices, but Aileen and Nick are lovely.

Depending on their availability, they can offer Blue Noun guests really good prices.

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