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If you can’t yet join us for an English immersion holiday, our blog is for you to practice your English with an enriching immersion into Scottish landscape, culture, art and ideas.

Why not make a cuppa and pop over (virtually) to Crieff in Scotland?


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Online English Teacher Feature | Jennie Reed

Online English Teacher Feature | Jennie Reed

Jennie is an English teacher and pronunciation coach. This means that she is a specialist in getting people the best results in their English by focusing on pronunciation.
Knowing how to teach pronunciation effectively is her super skill, but as you watch the video you will discover others too.

Get to Know Your English Teacher

Get to Know Your English Teacher

It's Holiday Time! Booking an immersion English holiday requires a leap of faith. It’s important to feel aligned with...

Perthshire Open Studios 2023

Perthshire Open Studios 2023

I'm buzzing after the Perthshire Open Studios 2023 art festival. Blue Noun Language Hub has just enjoyed a whole 5...

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Our blog is written by Ruth Pringle – and covers all topics related to learning English.

Because our English Language school offers immersion English holidays – certain blog posts touch on subjects close to home – as we love sharing our beautiful region with you.

Read our blog for a wide range of English vocabulary and expressions while discussing topics relevant to international culture lovers, creative thinkers, artists, and designers.

We’ve got blog posts offering career advice for artists and designers too. (We’re not just an English language school – we’re 


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