This question about professional English is one we get asked a lot.

Of course it is!

If you are investing in English learning to improve your work prospects (or simply to cope with the stress English brings to your job), you want to know how a week with us will help your professional English skills.

And it will!

But not in the ways you may expect.

Only some progress will be tangible, like increasing workplace vocabulary. 

This blog is about why less tangible results, like feeling comfortable with your English in any space, matters more! 

Why We Don’t Talk About Your Job All Day

Firstly, our holidays are… well, holidays.

If they just consisted of going over work-related experiences, they wouldn’t be much fun at all.

Nor would they build on your ability to cope if conversations take a surprising turn.

With us, your English transformation is about confidence. It’s less measurable but more worthwhile, as it will be with you everywhere you go.

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How We Teach Professional English

Instead of just talking through your job, we work out what work-related English skills you need and workshop them in quite imaginative ways.

For example, we involve artists and craftspeople a lot.

We have a whole list of 10 Reasons Why Artists Are Great for Professional English, so we don’t need to go into it on this blog.


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Meet the Makers

In addition to artists, you’ll meet makers in their workshops.

These are makers and producers with micro businesses.

As well as learning their products, you learn the story behind their businesses.  This is a way to experience language for presentations and meetings, in glorious and immersive settings. Exploring this rural economy is to explore Scotland!

Cairn o mohn wineey tour

Example Professional English Experiences

professional Englsih for italian model photoshoot

Bespoke English Adventures

When you join us for an English language holiday, we aim to match you with people who you don’t just want to speak with, but you may like to collaborate with. (What better way to practice English?)

For example, one of our guests was a model and Instagram influencer.

She joined us to improve her English. As part of her holiday, we found her a day’s photoshoot with Perthshire Magazine.

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Kitchen Conversations

For most people, a kitchen isn’t a professional space: but it certainly can be.

Cooking is a great way to feel comfortable with informal English language.

Informal, is not the same as ‘unprofessional’. It can crop up in your job if you are socialising, as in our culture, people use informal English to seem friendly!

In cooking, you’ll learn 100s of phrasal verbs in a context you can remember them. You don’t need ot work in a kitchen yourself for your language skills to benefit!

Cooking and sharing food takes the sting out of English in many ways.

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To improve your presentation skills you need to:

  • Practice in English (repeatedly) with someone who knows your industry well.
  • Immerse yourself in presentations by others (anything which interests you, but especially ones relating to your field).

At Blue Noun, we offer online presentation coaching for art professionals throughout the year.

We adapt this content to any professional joining us for a holiday.

This kind of coaching is not covered by our English Immersion Holidays but is a feature of our English Coaching Holiday. Discover the different course offers.


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Don’t Ignore the Opportunities to Learn Professional English Online

Ok, so if you join us for a holiday we don’t watch many computer screens, but we do love the format of a 5-Day Challenge, and even incorporate its short daily challenges into your learning.

We’ll also help you make a clear plan for sustaining your progress in English. If you are comfortable with the format, they are a great way to keep ‘topped up.’

You can find them on all sorts of topics. They are often delivered by superb communicators.

And they are free!

Watch them to find out about keeping an audience warm and engaged!

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Local Meetings and Events

We share local events and meetings with you.

These are opportunities for you to mix with locals, express opinions and get talking. They are often free to attend, but with us, you go with an English coach by your side and have someone to discuss the content wit afterwards. 

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A Holiday With Professional  English Practice

Our holidays introduce you to a whole range of professionals.

They will not be in the same field of work as you, but that’s ok.

By entering their workspaces and chatting with them about yours, well, you’ll be amazed at how much professional English gets covered.

Our focus will be on building confidence and adaptability in using English in diverse, real-world contexts.

So you can have an enjoyable holiday and progress in professional English.