Why Meet Artists on your Immersion English Holiday?

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we have a Network of Artists who would love to show you their artwork and studios.

Ruth at Perthshire Open Studios 2023 - HooperHart. Artist English teacher

We work with local artists for several reasons:


We love to support local artists by bringing them financial opportunities and audience.

Ceri White ceramic pots in studio

Whether you are creative or not, almost everyone can enjoy a studio visit.

artist studio

Artists' studio talks are the perfect context for professional, semi-formal English practice in 'tone'.

artist studio visit

Artists are quite familiar with having to present their work to strangers.

Generally, they are good at making conversations on a range of topics and have a curiosity about all kinds of specialisations.

Perthshire Open Studios - Meet the makers, English for International artists

Artists have private, quiet workplaces

Perthshire Open Studios 2023 - Comelybank Studios

In Perthshire, many artist studios are surrounded by gorgeous countryside.

This takes you into some of our most wonderful landscape.

Babs Pees artist printmaker studio - making a puffin print

Artists are vulnerable

Artists are sharing ideas and creations which are very dear and personal. Your speaking English with them matches that vulnerability level, and creates strong bonds.

Blue Noun language school aims

Meet Artists to Speak English

Can you think of a more pleasurable English experience than meeting different artists in their studio, learning about them, and their work – immersed in Scottish creative culture?

More than anything, we love bringing creatives together.

Get talking with our artist network!

Discover Perthsire’s Artists