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English Language Coaching for Creative Thinkers

Learn how to express your ideas, and shine in your career

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Welcome to Blue Noun Language Hub!

independent English language School interior inside Blue Noun

We are an independent English language school in Perthshire, Scotland.

– Not in Perthshire?

You can learn with us in two ways; either take an English language immersion holiday here with us here in Crieff – or choose one of our online English courses

– Already based in Scotland?

We have a programme of English classes in Crieff available for internationals living in our local area – find out more here.

English courses to help you learn English
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English courses to help you learn English
immersion English holiday course Michael Clark Dundee V & A exhibition

Express Yourself

Creative thoughts and ideas are the most difficult things to express – even in a first language.

Our methodology is to build up your creative identity in English – not through translating, but through a variety of practical activities that have you thinking and creating in English.

This forges a really deep and lasting link to language.

Like a traditional language school, we coach your English, expertly.

Unlike most language schools, our community is a living classroom. We have friendly guest experts for you to meet, and share stories and ideas with, in informal and creative ways.

immersion English holiday course Michael Clark Dundee V & A exhibition

All Blue Noun Language Hub English training is for people deeply curious about culture. 

That’s our hook. 

We invite you into conversations where you actually feel an urgency to express yourself.

There’s no fake role play. No simulations. 

There are real people, real networks and authentic collaborations (and we hope lasting friendships).

We’ll get you talking!

How We Do It

English conversation classes around art and design themes – targeting the language skills professional creatives need to collaborate and present their practice.

Why We Do It

“It’s really not English language lessons for adults if it looks like or feels like a classroom.
Get out into the community, discover a new culture and fall in love with speaking English!”

Where We Do It

We’d love to see you in Scotland, but we know travelling is difficult.
We’ve put together a unique online course for any creatives developing their English for professional reasons.