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Immersion English Holidays

Join us for bespoke English language experiences combining English Language coaching (ESOLEnglish as a Second Language) with adventures that explore Scotland’s landscape and culture.

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Language Immersion Does Not Happen in a Classroom

Escape into the Landscapes of Scotland!

Choose to improve your English language skills through cultural collaborations that explore the best of our region’s cosmopolitan Scottish hospitality and deep heritage.

Our holidays are for those: 

  • Curious about UK culture
  • Keen to discover Scotland beyond tourist clichés 
  • Interested in (or professionally involved in) arts & crafts
  • Who prioritise positive impact tourism/eco-tourism. 

Online English

Get year-round help with our language school’s online services.

Our online courses specialise in coaching artists, designers, makers, creative thinkers and/or visual learners. 

If that’s not you, we have a system to help you find the right online English course for your needs.

Blue Noun Language Hub: English learning redesigned. 

Our creativity is your path into English.

live language learning

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Image – Loch Finglas nature reserve

Other ‘No Classroom’ English options:

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Find Your English Teacher

We redesign English learning experiences, and we’ve turned our attention to the chaos of online English learning — specifically, the gap between KNOWING you need English lessons and FINDING the right person to help you.

Download our free tool to help you find the best online English teacher for you.

Free PDF

Top up my English online English voucher

Spring into Summer | English Top-Up

Get rusty English ready for summer with our springtime 10 x online English vouchers.

There’s no fixed schedule – just book your call when you have time to talk, and we’ll get your English ready for having fun this summer.

Top Up My English

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English for Creatives

Learn how we help Artists, Designers & Creative Thinkers with English for Creative Careers.

Try our studio-based online English course for free for 14 days! 

Or take our week-long Amplify Challenge to give your art-making (and visibility) a boost. 

English for Creatives

L2 Users in Perthshire

Join Us for a Day’s Conversation Adventure

If you are touring Scotland and not getting the conversation practice you’d hoped. Why not join us for a day’s Immersion Excursion?

Living in Crieff and not improving in English? 

Discover our Classes for Locals

Language Learning… Differently

English Learning for Professionals

Adults don’t learn the same as you did at school.

And that’s good news!

It means learning can feel like freedom.

Be immersed in English as we invite you into conversations as you explore.

There’s no fake role-play, no cringy ‘simulation exercises’.

And especially, no bland classroom to sit in feeling trapped (while real English happens in the street outside).

sir Walter Scott boat ride on Lock Katrine. Visit Scotland to learn English
Image – paddle steamer trip up Loch Katrine 

English Immersion

Instead, discover your English-speaking identity through immersive English adventures around Scotland. 

From micro visits (visiting working farms, distilleries and artist studios) to vast landscapes (boat trips, forest walks, and cycle tours of Perthshire), you’ll be expressing yourself in English while exploring Scotland – joyfully. 

We’re a hub, sharing real people, and real networks in rich and memorable experiences.

Find out about our Meet the Makers English Immersion.

Visit Scotland

Taste Perthshire’s regional specialities, enjoy wildlife experiences,  meet producers and artists, explore castles and relax within spectacular nature.

And of course, you gain much more than a Scottish holiday.

You’ll be taking home more confident English skills and a deep understanding of the cultural identities of contemporary Scotland –

And friendships for life.

Read our blog for a taste of the English Immersion activities we use to share Scotland with you. 

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Summary of our holidays –

in 7 languages

All members of my family attend Ruth’s English classes. Our lessons are very interesting and informative. We improve our English and also we can discuss relevant topics for Ukrainians. It’s very useful. For us Ruth is not just a teacher. She is very kind and lovely person. My family feels a great support from Ruth’s English classes.

Darya Yurchenko

Ruth at Blue Noun brings people learning English together with locals and creatives to make a truly nurturing environment in which to learn or create something new.

Barry Allan Scott

Ruth is an amazing teacher, always incredibly helpful and supportive. She managed to create not just English school, but a real English hub, where you can share your experiences, get support, try something new and learn useful vocabulary while talking to people.

Нина Городецкая

I know Ruth for a while now.
She is helping international people with their English, supporting local creatives – and promoting the Perthshire region.
She is very good and reliable and also very creative and full of ideas.

Daiva Osipovaite

Blue Noun is a beautifully inclusive and welcoming place to learn. If you get a chance to work with Ruth and the team, don’t hesitate, do it!

Hedgerow Hippy

Ruth comes across as a highly professional and passionate teacher. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Blue Noun

Sam Dawes

Ruth is a talented, friendly and welcoming professional dedicated to helping people learn English in a fun and supportive way. Highly Recommend!

Hannah Gibson

Ruth is a delightful, talented and warm person, and the space she has created in Crieff for her clients is absolutely beautiful – so inspiring!!! I’m thrilled to be working with her ☺️
Thank you, Ruth!!

Lhamo Bethany Halcrow

Blue Noun Language hub is in a wonderful location in the centre of Crieff – Ruth does some amazing work with creatives to help them reach their goals in English.

I’m sure she can help you too!

Jennie Reed

Blue Noun is very friendly and supportive. Merging the Arts with English as a fun engaging way to learn. ☺️ Connecting Scotland to our international friends, and based in the beautiful Perthshire countryside, it truly is an amazing place to explore and expand your English.


English activities in Perthshire - herablist walk Blue Noun Language School
Visiting the bluebells at Strowan Cemetery
English activities in Perthshire - English lessons at Blue Noun Language School Ruth Pringle
English coaching at Blue Noun Language Hub

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