English Immersion Holiday Activities

In Perthshire, Scotland

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How can YOU improve your English on holiday in Scotland?

Great! You’ve been learning English!

And now you are travelling around Scotland to practise.

Only,  it can be surprisingly difficult to actually speak English on holiday…

girl by train window Scotland

We have immersion English holiday activities designed to get English flowing – for you or for the whole family.

Private English language coaching
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English at the Hub

Your private English class.

Want to crack the Present Perfect? Or get better at Presentations for work?

You can book a day of English coaching all based at our cosy language hub, Crieff.

Adults only.

9.30 – 4.30 pm (inc. 1 hr break for lunch).

English level: intermediate-advanced

Want to bring a friend or partner? No problem, there will be a £75 supplement per extra person (max 3) (I’ll send you a link after you book).

Price includes lunch and refreshments.

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Immersion English in Perthshire prices
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English Explorers

Visit local touristic sites with your private English language coach. Boost your spoken English while experiencing the best of Perthshire.

Adults only

10 am – 4.00 pm

English level: intermediate-advanced

The price includes entrance to sites (not lunch).

Typical visits include Drummond Castle Gardens or Huntingtower Castle, and Comrie Croft or Cultybraggan Camp.

The price is for one person.

Want to bring a friend or partner? No problem, they will be a £75 supplement per person (max 2) (I’ll send you a link after you book).

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Immersion English in Perthshire prices
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in the Gardens

Art lovers, spend a relaxing day sketching in Drummond Castle Gardens with your private artist-English teacher.

It’s not about results and getting it ‘right’, it’s all about feeling good, experimenting, discussing.

It’s a memorable English experience!

Transport from Crieff provided.

11 am – 4.00 pm

Adults only

English level: intermediate-advanced

Want to bring a friend or partner? No problem, they will be a £75 supplement per person  (max 2) (I’ll send you a link after you book).

Price includes lunch and refreshments.

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Immersion English in Perthshire prices
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Animal English*
(Family Activity) 

Visit Auchingarrich Wildlife Park for a day of English-speaking activities designed for your whole family.

It’s an afternoon of personalised English coaching – wrapped up in a fabulous wildlife experience.

11 am – 3.00 pm

All ages – all levels (we’ll find out your language requirements when you book). 

Maximum 1 family (3-5 people) included per session

The price includes entrance to the site, but not lunch.

(*Your own transport is required to get to the wildlife park).

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You came Scotland to improve your English, but just how do you begin speaking – and who is correcting your errors?

You can book a private English workshop

One solution is to spend a day with your own private English coach.

That’s a personal English language coach who will develop your language skills while guiding you around the best of local Scottish culture.

Immersion Activities are NOT a Traditional Language Class

So it won’t cost you a precious day of holiday.

We offer coaching based around the superb holiday activities in Perthshire (or a workshop right here in our cosy hub – see our activities menu).

Our coaching is activity-based, and designed around what YOU wish to see and do. It’s reactive. We’ll work out together how to take your English to the next level.

Does it Work?

We can’t get you fluent in a day, but we can take a huge step in the right direction – and that’s helping you love and enjoy speaking English.

You get a great day’s holiday.

We make sure that your English is improving too.

girl by train window Scotland

English teacher Jennie Reed coaching pronunciation at Blue Noun.

drawing excursion at Drummond Castle Gardens  - English activities in Perthshire

English Immersion sketching at Drummond Castle Gardens

Why choose an immersion English excursion if you are not talking all the time?

An immersion English excursion is a less intensive way of learning a language, but that doesn’t mean diluted.

You will be developing a less tangible (but more important) result.

For many learners, above everything, it is confidence in speaking that holds them back.

Immersion English coaching takes the pressure off. At the same time, the experience shows the brain that you are an English speaker.

It quietens the little voice in your head that doubts you.

This is the start of a lifetime of loving speaking English.

Language learning progress quickly follows.


“Immersion language coaching is the difference between learning a language – and being yourself a language”.

Ruth, 2022

drawing excursion at Drummond Castle Gardens  - English activities in Perthshire

English Immersion at Drummond Castle Gardens

Immersion English Holiday Activities in Perthshire

With an immersion English day, you don’t just get an English lesson, you gain an identity as an English speaker which you take forever, wherever you go.

Immersion English isn’t studying grammar rules, it is discovering who you are as an English speaker.

An immersion English adventure will give you language skills for life.

Don’t go home without enjoying speaking English!

Invest in yourself, get a day of bespoke English coaching and start loving speaking!

Immersion English Day Ruth teaching a workshop

English Explorers Excursion

About ‘Just Being Here’

Immersion English Day  Ruth teaching a workshop

Ruth coach at Blue Noun Language Hub

About Learning English On Holiday

In English, we have the idiomatic expression, “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.

Here’s our version:

“You can take your family to Scotland, but you can’t make them speak English!”

Here’s a few reasons why ‘just being here’ doesn’t really work

  • Guided tours talk too fast (and get difficult and frustrating as soon as you miss information).
  • Tourism activities can give you too few quality opportunities to speak.
  • If you are travelling with friends and family, the chances are you are speaking to each other in your native tongue.
  • No one will correct your mistakes – you risk reinforcing bad habits. 


How is Your Comprehension on Holiday?

Spoken English is very different from the English you are used to.

It’s not the Scottish accent (well, perhaps a little).

Spoken English is fast, and it’s full of phrasal verbs.

It’s not unusual to get to the UK and wonder why you don’t understand the language spoken around you.

Unfortunately, if you are not understanding, you are not learning and improving (see more in the language theory section below).

Worse, when you lose confidence in listening, you can quickly get put off speaking and starting conversations.

It is time to get you talking!

English coaches know how to speak English clearly and understandably – without compromise.

Ruth talking puffins on an English excursion.

It Won’t ‘Just Happen’ On Its Own

It is typical to overestimate how much English practice you will get on holiday.

There are people who have lived here for years and still don’t speak it.

Language doesn’t just osmose into you, it takes active learning and guidance. 

Our good news is that active learning can be fabulous and pleasurable.

Even when it doesn’t feel like a classroom!

Even when it feels like a holiday!

Immersion English Day  Ruth teaching a workshop

Herbalist Claire Mullan teaching about Scottish wild plants.

Tips for English Learning

forest walk English excursion - language activity in Perthshire

English Tips for Making the Most of  Your Time in Perthshire

Above all, it’s really important not to go home feeling worse about your English than you did before you arrived.

Follow these tips to make sure you get English practice into your time in Scotland.


  • Practice asking questions in gift shops and tourist attractions. This community is used to speaking with non-native English speakers so you don’t need to feel shy.
  • Speak with people from other nationalities. It’s a myth that you only need to be speaking with ‘native-speakers’ to learn. Also, other speakers will talk more slowly and not use so many phrasal verbs.
  • Collect all the information you can to continue practising when you get home: a radio show you liked. Buy books and magazines while you can.
  • Revisit websites for places you have toured to check your comprehension.
  • Travelling with friends / family? Try using English at meal times – or during certain times of the day.


Immersion English Coaching: Why it Works

forest walk English excursion - language activity in Perthshire

Language Learning versus Language Acquisition

The theory behind language learning and language acquisition, and why you need both!

Language learning primarily involves studying grammar rules and language structures through formal instruction. While this provides important theoretical knowledge, it may not develop the practical fluency and confidence needed for real-life conversations.

On the other hand, language acquisition occurs through immersion and exposure to the language. It involves actively using the language in meaningful interactions and conversations – especially in natural or association-rich contexts (ie. outside a classroom – and especially in a land with the language spoken.)

Unfortunately, even language acquisition won’t get you far on its own either.  It needs to be supplemented by language-learning lessons.

Immersion English coaching is so richly rewarding because it builds both skill sets at the same time. You are learning about the structures of the language while putting it directly into practice.

By choosing immersion English coaching, you can develop practical communication skills and an intuitive understanding of the language.

sunflower picking walk English excursion - language activity in Perthshire

Further Information

Learn more about your coach here

Ruth (English Teacher) wit sunflowers

Blue Noun’s Ruth – artist and lead English coach

Blue Noun Language Hub

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