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Online Language Learning

Because we are all about travel language experiences, people expect our language school to be anti-online English learning.

In fact, we know that learning English online is often the best option.

Travelling is a luxury, and if you are short of time or money (or freedom), online learning offers the best way to improve your English.

What we ARE dead against is poor-quality language teaching.

This page is an introduction to finding the best online English teacher for you.

You should also check out our quiz and free guide on this subject.

Once you are you are ready to get started, our Online English Needs Analysis will save you time, money & a whole lot of frustration. Learn how it works.

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Expect to Love English

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Why You Need Help at This Stage

Poor quality language teaching is not always obvious.

You can feel bored, patronised and frustrated – but blame yourself as a ‘bad learner’.

Substandard language tuition is also when you are not given opportunities to grow a bond with the culture.

Unfortunately, most people have experienced a bad English class (to the point it shapes their expectations of what adult learning should be!).

For too long, the industry standard was to squeeze individuals into ill-fitting courses (and uncomfortable classrooms), marching them through increasingly complex grammar structures – without taking time for the language to come alive.

It suits administrators to get measurable ‘progress’.

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Growing with Learning

Language growth is more than memorising vocabulary and grammar.

It happens when you add this new part of you into your life or work.

And it happens when your heart and mouth speak without a negative voice in your brain.

You might believe that is only for the future (when you have ‘mastered’ English), but it can begin with every word spoken now.

We know which online English teachers know this too, and which can help you best.

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The Online Revolution

Online English teaching is nothing short of a revolution, getting affordable English education alternatives to folks who need it.

No longer do big multinational language schools control the market, pouring corporate culture over language (and even ‘Englishness is superior’ attitudes). 

Across the internet, there are passionate people, uniquely skilled at helping you reach your English goals.

Such people are independent ELT teachers/coaches.

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    Great Options – But Too Much Choice to Navigate Alone

    Here are just some of the choices you’ll need to make.

    • Place

      You can work with teachers anywhere around the globe if you are interested in learning with a certain accent or culture, or in a particular time-zone.

    • Subject

      From English for Accountants to English for Zoology, you can choose English for a Specific Purpose if you most need career-related English.

    • Skills

      Alternatively, break down your English into skills: work with a pronunciation coach who will build your overall confidence, or gain fluency through a conversation club.

    • Passions

      Some online teachers build courses around hobbies like reading books, watching films and cooking.

    • Life Changes

      Others teachers offer English courses designed for specific life changes, like moving to the UK, having a baby, getting married in Scotland, or retiring.

    • Schedules

      There are 2-minute-a-day English, weekly English and month-long English courses.

    • Methodology

      Some English teachers only teach from course books – and just as many which never open a book at all. There’s a load of potential platforms to work from (and various ways of mixing the best of each method in one course) (this is called a blended course).

      There are even ways to simulate culturally immersive language learning online – (BTW that’s our speciality).

    There’s no one ‘right’ way to teach English.

    But there are best ways for you.

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    Not all English Coaches are Equal

    It’s easy to set up online as an ELT teacher.  Calling yourself an English teacher doesn’t make you a skilled/trained teacher.

    However, if you only choose from big, accredited language schools then you will miss out on real gems who ARE uniquely able to get you results. 

    If you plan on searching yourself, make sure you know the industry red flags to avoid.

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    Let Us Do the Hard Bit

    If you want to save time and money – (and not to exaggerate, perhaps your English-speaking future) at Blue Noun Language Hub, we have designed a way to help people find their English teacher match.

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    How Our Needs Analysis Works

    We begin with a questionnaire to discover your learning style, goals and schedule.

    Then we have a chat to get a feel for your learning and language strengths and weaknesses.

    We advise you what to look for, and give you a copy of our notes to send to online teachers.

    It’s a one-off payment of £99.

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    Our Community of Online English Teachers & Coaches

    If we know a good match, we will also recommend a teacher in our network. 

    These are people whose integrity we know and trust, and who get results for their learners.

    ESL Teachers – learn more here.

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    Choose to Take Action

    Sure, you can spend months following Youtube, LinkedIn or Instagram for online English teachers and free tips, but that only feels useful. It doesn’t get results.

    Or you can discover accurately which English tuition will best improve your English.

    Take control of the chaos for £99

    Get independent advice on your next step.

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    Step 2 is helping you find your English learning style with a Zoom call.

    Blue Noun Language Hub: English learning, redesigned. 

    Our creativity is your path into English.

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    Here at Blue Noun Language Hub we offer feel good English conversations – on your schedule.

    No need to plan ahead.

    Just buy your vouchers and use them before the deadline.

    These vouchers make a great present!

    Learn more.