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The Online Revolution

Today, there are independent, quality teachers all around the world who want to help your English.

This is a 💯 improvement, with just one catch:  how do you find the Online English Course for you?

Unlike language schools, there’s no official system of accreditation, so picking one can feel like a lottery.

Even if they ARE good teachers. Are they offering the RIGHT service for you?

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Find the Right Online English Teacher 

You are not just risking time and money.

You are risking making the progress in English that you need. 

Take our short Quiz to discover if you are on the right path.

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Or take our Needs Analysis for £99, and we’ll do all the hard work for you. 


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Confused by Options?
 How Will You Begin to Find Your Online English Course?

Below are common ways of selecting an online English course.

Which do you think is the worst advice?

    Sign up with the teacher with a huge number of likes on Insta

    Obviously being ‘successful’ at social media is no guarantee of quality of teaching as anyone can pay for ‘likes’.

    However, regular comments on Instagram posts can testify to happy customers and generous advice.

    Be wary of new accounts with no community.

    Definitely follow anyone you may be interested in – consume all their content and see what they’ve got.

    Use a recommendation from a friend

    Perhaps, but are you certain that your learning style is their style? Do you have the same language needs?

    Sign up to the one with the most entertaining TikTok


    If you like how they deliver their content and engage with you and others  – it can be a good starting point. Now you need to identify if they are the right match for you. 

    Use your neighbourhood language school's online service


    Especially if you wish for a traditional kind of tuition and you don’t really mind who teaches you on the day.

    Another advantage is that in certain countries, you can get government funding for classes – but only with a company in your country that this rebate system set up. (Tends to be the larger schools)

    Chose the one who promises to get you fluent

    Be wary of online English teachers overpromising results.

    It takes a LONG time to gain language fluency.

    A rough ballpark figure is 200 hours of learning just between level (and of course, everyone has their own speed).

    However, working ON fluency is a valid target if you have very high knowledge of written English – you just have few opportunities to speak it.

    You need a language course that converts your passive knowledge into active knowledge.

    There is no single bad answer for everyone –

    just a bad for YOU.

    That’s Just the Beginning

    Our Needs Analysis consultation goes into detail.

    At Blue Noun Language Hub we REALLY know what questions to ASK.

    If you are serious about investing in your English – it’s a must.

    What’s it worth getting it right first time?

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    £99 to find out how YOU learn best.
    (That’s priceless).

    3 Bonus Tips for Finding Your Next English Course 

    Tip #01 | What to Search Google for

    Online English tuition is broken down into many options and styles and ‘niches’.

    You can learn ‘English for Accountants’ to ‘English for Zoom’ – and everything in between.  

    Sometimes it is important to pick a language course for a particular skill or profession – but truly, not as often as you may think.

    It can be more important to match the right online English teaching style to your particular learning needs.

    You can always revisit English for a specific purpose once your fire is ignited. 

    Read more about the search experience here.

    Tip #02 | ‘Business English’

    Business English is so broad term that is not very useful. 

    Learn what English skills you need to perform your ‘business’ job well in English.

    Tip #03 | 1:1 Classes are Overrated

    Everyone always thinks they need 1:2:1 coaching. It’s the industry standard – but it’s a self-perpetuating bad standard.

    Don’t Follow the Norm

    90%  of the time, learners would progress more efficiently with set exercises to do on their own (daily/once a week – again it’s a choice) – then come together in a small group to practice what they’ve just learned.

    It’s a less intensive way to learn, less expensive for the client, AND more time effective for everyone.

    The exceptions are the 5% of learners who are preparing for a presentation, or interview and just need class time to rehearse.

    Are you in this 5%?

    The other exception is the 5% of clients who don’t mind paying for accountability. These clients think that they are incapable of working autonomously and will happily pay someone to watch them do exercises –  as they won’t ever do them in any other circumstances.

    Accountability is more than working in front of someone

    If this is you – that’s a learning style you need to match to a particular type of coach.


    You need to work with a coach who can engage you.

    Even a daily 5-minute SLACK chat is a MUCH better use of your time.

    Find a coach who can offer you that.

    Ruth @ Blue Noun

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