Did you ever read the Choose Your Own Adventure books?

I’d like you to imagine one written for the English learning adventure, it’s called ‘Crossing the Sea of English’  or something (they did used to have titles that terrible).

The Story Begins

The first few pages look like this:

Sudden life event/gradual desire: Realisation: I need to improve my English.

Unfortunately, your quest will begin alone and confused.

Instead of rushing off to fight your dragon, first, you must navigate all the different options for improving your English to make a decision.

Only then can the real part of the story begin: time English learning (the real quest).

For many, the English adventure ends before it begins. 


With the right choices in the beginning, perhaps your story looks like this:

Pages 16-23

You get lucky & choose wisely.

Either quickly or gradually (through another set of decisions and page turns), you improve in English and reach your goal.

For the majority, however, it will look like this.

Pages 24-88:

Due to many different setbacks, problems & disappointments, you give up.


Perhaps you will then turn back to the start of the book again, and get lucky the second time.

Just know that it’s way more likely you’ll put the book down and wander off if it didn’t work out the first time.

You’ll tell yourself: you hate English. You’re bad at English. You don’t have time for English anyway.

It’s a Waste

Wrong page turns cost you more than the ££ value of that English class.

They cost you energy and motivation.

They cost you all the time you lost searching & trying. 

Wrong turns can ultimately cost your English (if you give up).

And they cost you that goal you were aiming for. 

The job, career moment, conversation, presentation.

Get help choosing the right English learning system for you.

Don’t Be Alone on Your Quest

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we redesign the English learning experience.

In this case, we have redesigned that tricky gap between realising you need English lessons and finding the right person/people to help you.

surfer with ring icon

£99 to Know Where to Turn

Our Needs Analysis is an online questionnaire, followed by a chat to reveal what you need to learn AND how you learn best.

In other words, it lets you know what page to turn to for quick results, to avoid falling off a cliff, being eaten by sharks and other dramas.

There’s no one ‘right’ way for everyone, just the best way for you.

We can help you find it.

Further Information

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