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How to Find the Right Online English Teacher for YOU?

It starts with clearly understanding what YOU want to achieve – and how YOU learn best.

Only then can you match that information with online English teacher offers.

This page is an invitation to our life-changing Needs Analysis for £99.

Get Help to Find The Online English Teacher You Need

Are you overwhelmed with Online English learning options?

Would it be a relief to have choices narrowed down?

Someone who knows the market and can identify what YOU need to learn?

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English Learning Needs Analysis

The good news is that here at Blue Noun Language Hub we offer a one-off Needs Analysis just for this.

Our Needs Analysis is a system to find out the style of online which will bring YOU results.

If you think it’s easy, you are about to make an expensive mistake!

The ‘Right’ Online English Teacher

Although you may not think that your learning needs are at all unusual, when there is so much variety of goals, 1st languages, aptitude and ability, there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ English learner.

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Take our Needs Analysis to clearly understand what you wish to achieve in English, and what type of learner you are. 

We’ll email you a copy for you to send to potential teachers.

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Let our Needs Analysis do the talking!

We KNOW the ELT industry – what’s hot and what’s not.


We know who gives great value, gets results…


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(They will help you feel like this about your English!)

Online English Needs Analysis

Less this…

More this…

How it Works

First, we email you a link to our self-assessment questionnaire. It look like this. 

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Talk with a Professional About Your English Pathway

Next, chat with me on a one-off Zoom consultation to explore how  YOU best learn, and which language skills YOU need.

During our Zoom Chat, we’ll also give your existing English skills a bit of a S.W.O.T. Analysis, to get a rough idea of your level and potential problem areas.

Don’t worry, its nothing like a test: We are looking to see what existing skills you have to build on. (Something any potential online English teacher needs to know).

Lastly, we’ll email you our Needs Analysis results.

You can then use these to quickly get in touch with any online English language coaches and schools.


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(Want to be one of our recommended online English teachers? Find out how.)




You will also get a couple of suggestions for our recommended online English teachers – if we think we know a match. 

You can make a discovery call with them to see what good examples of pricing, services and customer service look like.

There’s no obligation to choose from one of them. All our recommended English teachers will try to point you in the perfect direction. 

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A Case Study

Someone may be looking to gain CONFIDENCE speaking English at meetings – and think that learning more work vocabulary with a 1:2:1 business English coach will best help them.

It may help a bit, but in fact, a short private course in pronunciation would immediately bring tangible confidence, which they could subsequently build on in a fun, group business course that gets them talking to peers.

Helping You Choose

Our English teacher Needs Analysis system works.

Let us help you to help yourself.

We promise not to talk about our own courses.

Just expect our friendly, best guidance to help work out:

  • How you best learn
  • What YOU should seek in an online English language teacher/course.

When your objectives are clear, finding the right online English teacher becomes easy.

If you are going to do it, then start RIGHT.

Download our FREE PDF to help you begin your English quest. 

Or book your Needs Assessment, and let us do the difficult part for you.  

£99 to find out how YOU learn best.
(That’s priceless).