Frequently Asked Questions

About our Immersion English Holidays


What English levels do you teach?

Lower-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced.
If you don’t know which level you are, you can find a test here. 

What are my accommodation options for my immersion English holiday course?

Choose when you book between a Hotel, a private B&B and staying with one of our Homestay Hosts.

Our Homestay Hosts are selected with care and make a very good choice – even for professionals.

Plus, remember that you are welcome in our building from 7 am to 10 pm. You are welcome to relax, eat breakfast lunch and dinner at Blue Noun.

Find out about our  Host Family options here

Host accommodation English language school

Should I book Immersion English Holiday or the Professional Coaching Holiday

Most people will book the Immersion English Holiday.
We keep class size low so that in every class we have lots of time to work on each person’s specific learning needs.

The Professional Coaching Holiday is based on learning professional English skills for a specific purpose – such as a presentation.


Further Advice

You should book The Professional Coaching Holiday only if you need to work on a certain specific skill* which needs one-to-one time with a teacher, or have your own text/publication to work on.
 *such as Public Speaking, Presenting a Poster (Science and Industry), telephone English, or Chairing a Meeting
Contact us if you need help to decide.

What About Accommodation?

We recommend our fabulous English holiday homestay hosts!

We’ll even arrange it for you!

Find out more here. 

What about COVID?

Certain social elements of our course may have to change at the last minute due to Covid, but the essential courses are the same.

We work with authorities to have best hygiene practices and safe distances between our English language learners where possible. 

We advise that everyone takes their own personal travel insurance to protect their holiday from disruption. 


Curry Night at Blue Noun English Language School

What about food?

We offer a simple lunch every day – homemade soup, bread, cheese, and cold meat etc.

We have breakfast cereals if you want to eat breakfast in our cafe space – or buy something yourself and bring it in.

There are different options for dinner every day;  including eating takeaway food in our space.

Throughout the day we have drinks and snacks available.

We also offer a curry night once a week too.

We love the idea that people will share good times eating and drinking together in our space. 

Curry Night on our immersion English Holiday Course

I have a food allergy or diet requirement?

We can cater to most food allergies or diets – just let us know when you book.

We are more than happy to serve vegetarian or vegan food.

Our own philosophy is to only buy and serve animal-based produce if we know the animal welfare behind the product has been outstanding.
 Crieff Highland Gathering on immersion English Holiday Course

Can I bring my partner?


Although they won’t be included in the immersion English holiday course teaching.

If you want to book accommodation for both of you, you will still have opportunities to spend time together over the week. In addition, we’ll be happy to welcome them for lunch and for socialising. 

Really, we’d love to make them welcome here too. 

Claire Teaching Jana at Blue Noun English Language School
Perthshire landscape immersion English Holiday Course

Is it fun?

We think so!

We’ll do everything reasonable to make your learning experience relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s personal, it’s fun.  

How can I find out about HOW you teach?

Good Question!

You can read our ELT Philosophy of Teaching here.

How do I book?

Book a Zoom call to get chatting with us here.

How do I get to Crieff?

Information and advice about travelling to Crieff is covered here. If you need any other information, just ask. 

What does it cost?

Find out about our immersion English holiday course prices here.

What English language skills are covered in your course?

This varies depending on each person’s needs. Our ultimate goal is that you find enjoyment in speaking English AND develop the professional language skills you need. 

Throughout your immersion English holiday, you will practice across a range of simulated and professional contexts.

When Do I Arrive?

We can welcome you from 5 pm Friday – and your course will end Friday 4 pm the following week.


Do we get a certificate?

We’re not really into certificates in the traditional sense (anyone can print one).

You will get a keepsake to take away with you.

In 2023, we are teaming up with Perthshire artist Ceri White to give each of our guests a ‘pots of English’ pot.

Why take an immersion English holiday course in Scotland?

Why not?

Of course, there are many beautiful places to travel to and learn English on an immersion English holiday course.

If you are craving city nightlife, this course is not for you.

By coming to a quiet part of Scotland you can benefit from beautiful scenery and historic sights without crowds and really get to know the town and its people through genuine cultural exchanges. 

We go into detail on this in a couple of blogs:

7 Reasons to Choose a Language Holiday in Crieff – read it here.

Our 10 Tips for Choosing a Language School – read it here.

Stirling castle immersion English Holiday Course

What about the Scottish accent?

I get asked this a lot, so I’ll answer in detail.

No, you can’t catch a Scottish accent (unless you want to move in with us for several years, our accent will not corrupt your hard-earned English).

Yes, you will understand me. I’m a trained, experienced ESL coach. I can pitch my spoken language to your level.

Yes, I also use and love Scots language and expressions but I’m an English teacher, don’t worry, I’ll not use them with you

Don’t Believe the Hype!

No, you don’t have to spend extra ££££ to study English for a week in Oxford or Cambridge because they publish dictionaries.

It doesn’t guarantee you ANY better language skills.

In fact, your hard-earned money is just propping up old-fashioned prejudices there (like, do they hire the BEST teachers – or the ones with the poshest accents. How diverse ARE their teachers)?

No, you don’t need to learn English from an English person, there are amazing English teachers ALL AROUND THE WORLD.

Find them online, find them because of their specialism, their teaching style. Finding the right coach for you is SO MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than a trip to sit inside a classroom – even if you do get a certificate that says Cambridge on it.

English IS hard

Yes, from the second you step off the plane/train you will find a rich variety of accents and English being spoken in the UK. That IS English. And it’s wonderful, rich and exciting.

No, we don’t all sound like over-enunciating YouTube presenters (I can do with my beginners) and you will struggle to understand conversational English.

That’s because it’s fast and informal and different from what you have learned in a classroom. It’s a whole new skill to learn.

I promise that it’s really not because we are speaking Scottish around you, and if only you were in a supermarket in Oxford you would understand every word. It’s because you need to practice LISTENING* to natural, conversational English – which is fast.

Why is your language school not accredited by the British Council/other?

Most accreditation programmes require a school to be trading for a year and a half before they are eligible for assessment, with hundreds of language hours taught.

Although we opened in 2019, the global pandemic has prevented us from gaining our accreditations. 

Our prices do reflect this.

cakes at Perthshire market on immersion English Holiday Course