Love Your English with a Non-Corporate Language School

Going non-corporate requires a leap of faith.

Corporate language schools have accreditation – they MUST be good, right?

No, they must be adequate.

They must keep HR departments happy.

And they must provide a uniform service to ALL their clients and make MEASURABLE progress.

This does not mean you should trust them with the future of your English!

You Have Many English Learning Options

This blog shows why you should choose non-corporate English training, especially if you don’t yet enjoy speaking English.

More classes are not the answer!

English excursion to sunflower field. English client looking at field

The Slide of Fear

This drawing illustrates the process of English learning.

In the first part, you see a series of steps which represent past school or corporate English classes.

These steps are all the hard work: all the learning of grammar you’ve had to do.

At the top of the steps are two different paths. They look very similar when you are at this point.

But only one path leads to growth.

The other path is a slide into fear, and when you fear English it gets increasingly difficult to escape the descent into giving up.

If you are on the fear slide, you do need help — but it’s NOT more corporate English lessons.

You need to find an independent English teacher or coach who can unlock your joy.

The Problem with Corporate Language Schools

Building confident, happy English is not as measurable as, say, learning 5 phrasal verbs or a certain grammar structure, so it gets ignored by most English courses.

Even though it matters, the effects are long-term not short-term, who cares?

Not your mainstream language school!

They need results which can be tested and measured for their accreditors, even when pushing you through the next level of grammar is the WORST thing for your English.  

There’s no time for reviews. 

They need to give you (and 100 others) a digital print of a certificate claiming progress.

They need you to stick to a program so that any one of their many teachers can show up and teach you a few more words or grammar. 

And, in the worst cases, they need you to remain insecure about your English – so you’ll buy more classes.

You don’t just get off the Slide of Fear when you join us for a holiday.

You get onto the growth slide, with a push!

Englsih coach Ruth on an English excursion to Drummond Gardens

See Scotland Learning English

If you would like to experience Scottish culture WHILE enjoying using your English, I’d love to be your guide. 

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