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Dip into English

An immersion English holiday

for beginners

Choose a language holiday designed for YOU!

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Dip into English


Weekly, all July 2024


Blue Noun Language Hub, in Perthshire, Scotland.

Getting here


£1,700 per week tuition.

£180 per week accommodation.

Immersion activities are included, see our FAQs. 


Adult beginners in English


  • Daily language workshops.
  • Exploring Scotland (castles, landscapes, ecology, crafts and culture).
  • Practical craft and activity workshops with a range of experts (candle making, cooking, printmaking).
  • Lots of socialising!
  • Tasting Scottish food & drink (yes, including whisky distillery tours if you like!)

 Only 3 students per week

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Beginner English Language Immersion in Scotland

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Class Schedule

Week 1
01 – 05 July


Arrive Friday 28 June, leave 05 July (after 12 noon).

Target Language
Present Simple
Present Continuous

Language Skills
Describing jobs, family, country, culture, routines, habits, hobbies.

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Week 2
08 – 12 July


Arrive Friday 05 July,
leave 12 July (after 12 noon).

Target Language
Past Simple

Language Skills
What Happened? Past workplaces, past cultures, moves & changes, making comparisons

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Week 3
15 – 19 July


Arrive Friday 12 July,
leave 19 July (after 12 noon).

Target Language
Future tenses, superlatives

Language Skills
Planning for the future, making suggestions.

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Week 4
22 – 26 July


Arrive Friday 19 July,
leave 26 July (after 12 noon).

Target Language
Present Perfect

Language Skills
presenting projects, giving opinions

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One Time Only

English beginners, we are a small, bespoke language school.

Your one option to learn with us is this beginner-level English immersion course.

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English immersion for beginners cover, dip into English - swimmer

Further Information

Let’s Talk on Zoom

Let’s say hi on Zoom. Tell me your name, your country and your favourite food!

Blue Noun Language Hub

Perthshire, Scotland has just been voted the friendliest place on Earth, which makes it a superb place to come on an English language holiday!

Why is Immersion the Best Way to Learn a Language?