An Illustrated Guide our English Immersion Holidays

I talk a lot about our English immersion holidays as I’m so passionate about sharing them.

Only sometimes it’s best to talk less and use metaphors and images.

Especially as we are introducing a beginner’s English immersion month (July).

This blog is for anyone wondering how Blue Noun Language Hub in Crieff’s English immersion holidays work.

It’s an illustrated guide to the balance of ingredients we put into all our language holidays.

I don’t know of any other language holiday experience similar, so if you like what you see, please do share it!

Please help us reach the people who would love to learn English this way!

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Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - schedule

The Schedule/Calendar

Festivals. Themes. Events.

Our language school calendar ties events happening in Scotland into language immersion experiences.

For example, we have a general English holiday combining a Highland walking festival with a Celtic music festival (May), and a Mini-Artist Residency for Creatives, which ties into Perthshire Open Studios (September).

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - activities


We also have a menu of enjoyable activities that are not ‘one-off’ events (like in our calendar).

This includes visiting Scottish castles, sightseeing and exploring beautiful landscapes by boat, bicycle, steam train or kayak.

It also includes breathtaking wildlife experiences.

When you join us for ANY immersion holiday you get guided afternoon excursions and weekends exploring Scotland, speaking English.

Visit our Activity Menu. 

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - peers

3 Is the Magic Number

You share holiday experiences with up to 3 L2 English speakers.

This gives you the benefits of plenty of individual talk time and peers on the same language journey.

3 gives us the flexibility to adapt to your interests and language needs.

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - guest experts

Guest Experts

Meet amazing people in our community who have all kinds of stories and information to share.

Ghost hunters, wildlife conservationists, herbalists, clothing designers…

We bring you to their workspace – or invite them into our space – for real (relaxed) cultural exchanges.

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - workshops


Take part in mono-printing, mosaic making, bread-making, book-binding, woodworking or cake-decorating workshops.

Not only are they fun to do, workshops are a brilliant way to perfect your practical English skills.

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - homestay hosts

Homestay Hosts

Our Homestay Hosts will be your family for the week(s) you join us.

Hosts are selected for having big hearts and cosy homes.

These are local people (within walking distance) who want to support your mission.

They can’t wait to meet you, learn about your culture and share theirs.

Don’t just take our word for it! Find out how Perthshire just got voted the friendliest place ON EARTH!

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - apples


Fruit is an obvious way to think about your English progress. Apples are very tangible, and some of your language progress will be too, whether it’s a broader vocabulary or finally knowing when to use the Present Perfect.

You definitely should expect tangible progress from any language immersion holiday.

However, we also aim for the FEELING you belong speaking English.

It’s harder to measure, but imagine a red squirrel leaping through the treetops.

Trusting. Leaping. LOVING being a squirrel.

That’s how English can feel.

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - experts

Expert English Coaching

EVERY TIME you spend time reading or working in English you add a bit of light to this new language.

Flood with light, and you’ll have BEAUTIFUL apples.

Whatever you need your apples for (work, holidays, socialising) they’ll be harvest-ready.

With light, you’ll be feeling the squirrel-power and be ready to leap in any context.

Meet the Teaching Team

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - Scotland

The Right Landscape

Get ready to fall in love with Scotland, such a magical, story-filled place to be.

Although we’re based in ‘Big Tree Country,Perthshire (recently voted the friendliest place in the world), we visit Dundee (LOVE the Mackintosh Room in the V&A), Glasgow (the Burrell Collection just won Museum of the Year find out why), and Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket & Talbot Rice to see cutting-edge contemporary art.

We even take you to the Highlands, to Oban the ‘Gateway to the Hebrides’ to watch the ferries in the bay (the most relaxing sight in Scotland?).

No one should tell you what Scotland is.

We’ll help you discover for yourself.

Ingredients for the best English immersion holiday - Scotland

Positive Impact Tourism

Choosing Blue Noun Language Hub for your immersion holiday supports Perthshire artists and makers and local environmental conservation projects (find out more).

It enables us to keep sharing free English language learning opportunities with our local refugee community, offer musicians a performance venue and much more.

Check out our Social Action Policy to see who and how we help.

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Your Guide to the Best English Immersion Holidays

I had a lot of fun making this picture guide to creating the best English immersion holidays.

If you had to put them in order, which do you think is the most important?