Food and Drink on a Blue Noun Language Holiday

Food and drink will be a huge part of your English language holiday experience.

Tastes are part of discovering place, part of travelling, and we are keen to share the real gems with you.

Rich new flavour will unlock your English.

Recipes will last in your heart.

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we believe every meal should help you discover Scotland a little more.

We know that sharing food creates a long-lasting sense of belonging in English, but it’s not all langoustine and lobster!

We are keen to give great value and keep course costs affordable.

If you choose to learn English in Scotland, you won’t be eating in restaurants every night.

But we still offer quality tasting experiences.

Meals are not ‘done for you’, they are shared adventures.

Here are the ‘ingredients’ of your food and drink experience during your language holiday in Scotland.

Here’s how we do it!

language school in scotland kitchen

Welcome to our Kitchen!

This language school has a BIG, professional kitchen. 

It is designed for people to come together, prepare food and cook (and clean easily afterwards).

The kitchen is equipped with everything we may need – not just to prepare basic meals together, but to share passions.

If you are into cooking, you will love the chance to use some of the techy stuff. 

Don’t worry, if you are not a cook (you can be on ‘salad duty’).

We are keen to give great value and keep course costs affordable

About Organic Vegetables

Speaking of salad duty…

We get a weekly organic vegetable box from Tomnah’a’s Market Garden.

These ingredients, grown just 6 miles away, are the inspiration for the meals we’ll prepare together.

Like your English coaching, it’s not all mapped out in advance (I mean, how can I know what you need?). 

The purpose of the veggie box is to join together in celebrating great produce with mindful eating,  sharing recipes, cooking tips and culture as we share stories, preparing food.

language holiday in scotland breakfast on table

About Breakfast

Breakfast is up to you. We have cereal, porridge, toast, eggs etc. in our language school kitchen. 

Some people like to forage for themselves, some people like to make and eat breakfast together. 

Others like to sit and clutch a coffee in silence. 

It’s your rhythm. Just let us know what you need and we’ll work around it. 

(We tend to host a communal breakfast with friends from the community at least once a week). 

language holiday in scotland breakfast on table

About Coffee

Speaking of coffee, meet ‘the Beast.’

The beast is a cafe-quality coffee machine which we fire up every morning. 

If you need a caffeine boost to get talking, then the beast has you covered.

languages school coffee machine


“Every meal should help you discover Scotland a little bit more.

Sharing food creates a long-lasting sense of belonging in English”.

Ruth, 2024


futtle brewery for language school food and drink

About Lunch

We are frequently away for the hub at lunchtime. When walking in the Scottish landscape, your coach will bring a packed lunch and drinking water to share.

Rural Perthshire has many quality food options to explore: often in quite surprising places!

When we are visiting a town, we will visit a shop or market with interesting local produce and buy picnic ingredients to eat outdoors.

Your visit to the shop is part of the language immersion experience.

Not only will you choose your lunch, you’ll discover the story of the business and local produce (location, production stories, marketing), as well as using English language to make suggestions, such as ‘what about getting this and sharing it?’

Our hub pays £6 per person towards the purchase of packed lunch ingredients (more than enough for an interesting meal).

Our guests tend to add little bits to the communal lunch (like chocolates to share) but if you are on a budget, there is no need.

When you learn English in Scotland, you get to sample the best Scottish food and drink AND support Scottish makers and producers. (Meet the Makers). 

language school food and drink - local markets
language school communal meal

About Dinner (Eating in)

Dinner is where our fabulous kitchen comes in handy.

We make sure you have access to one hot meal a day, but it’s not ‘done for you’.

We buy the ingredients, but you are invited into the kitchen to help cook.

To be clear, cooking together is and immersion English activity. 

It may feel like fun and not work (hopefully), but it is English practice with an English coach by your side. 

At least once a week we invite friends to share our food (Laughter is Brightest Where the Food Is)

seafood at french restaurant in perth

About Dinner (Eating Out)

There are so many fabulous local restaurants to try.

We’ll not buy your dinner but we will join you and keep you company.  

language holiday in Scotland food and drink - whisky collection

About Whisky

Yes, we do have a whisky collection.

Yes of course, if you choose to lean English with us in Scotland, you are invited to share it!