An Important Message for those who Don’t Like Learning English. 

Are you one of the people that the words ‘mostly harmless’ transport straight inside the pages of a book? (Let me know in the comments!)

Harmless is how the first edition of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy described the human race, in Douglas Adam’s cult classic radio play. (After years of research, it gets amended to ‘mostly harmless)

To this day, I can’t hear ‘mostly harmless’ without smiling at Arthur Dent’s indignation.

Mostly Harmless is going through my mind as I write about my forthcoming Top Up My English offer.

The truth is I’ve worked with a lot of people who don’t really want to learn English.

This blog is to say that it is okay to feel this way.

However, these sentiments will get in the way of progress – so this blog is also about how you can dislike English learning less and less – perhaps even enjoy it!

Firstly, there ARE Valid Reasons to Not Want to Learn English

You are not ‘Wrong’ to Feel the Way you Feel

I first taught at a corporate language school where I encountered one particular workforce worried their job was endangered by their English level (it was) after an international takeover of their previously all-French company.

These learners massively resented having to add English onto the pressure of their workload – and the insecurity it represented.

If you are going through something similar, can you think of a way to make English feel like an opportunity, not a threat?

“English is Boring”

My career progressed into teaching English at art schools across France.

In an art school, English is socks under the Christmas tree: thoroughly useful, but the least exciting subject in a dynamic learning environment.

That’s until it’s presented like another practical skills course.

I describe teaching English at art schools as keeping English classes so interesting and creative and full of content pertinent to their developing careers, that my students got involved and learned – despite the language elements – not because of it.

That would likely frustrate the heck out of many English teachers, but I loved it.

I was a cog in a much bigger wheel – getting young artists to fulfil their potential.

My unique expertise was creating real tastes of using English in professional contexts – as well as guidance on good learning behaviours (how to keep practising and improving once they moved on from being ‘forced’ to learn in education).

No, they didn’t love English, but they loved my class!

With the right teacher for you, English class should never feel boring. 

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Summer Fun

Now I am lucky enough to spend summer months sharing beautiful Perthshire, Scotland with people who choose to improve their English through a fun, activity-filled holiday.

These English learners actually do want to learn – so badly they are devoting a holiday to it, but they also know that they don’t want to learn in traditional ways.

Learning English does not mean being trapped inside a classroom or in front of a screen.  

My English-learning guests (quite rightly) prioritise having fun while learning.

English immersion gives you a fun, cultural immersion with clear language learning goals, including the number 1 priority of loving speaking English.

Can you imagine what enjoying speaking English looks like?

forest walk English excursion - language activity in Perthshire

Learning English Online is a Good Option

Sadly, I am wrapping up my summer fun for 2023 (there are still a few places in October!).

While a private online English class is obviously not canoeing down the River Tay, tasting local cheese or visiting artist studios (all featured on our English immersion holiday activities), it can be the best English learning option for busy people.

Learning Online is Not a Compromise

Technology is great!

Learning English online is very affordable. Plus, there’s no travel to class time. In a private class, there’s even no ‘listening to other learners ‘take their turn.’

Online English learning integrates easily into your lifestyle, taking some of the stress out of studying English. 

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Online Learning Tip

Although there are great options for online English learning, it can be difficult to find your ‘match’. The person or service which is going to best help you.

Get some help finding the best English teacher for you. 

More about the Differences Between Online English Teachers

Understand What You Can Commit To

Problems arise when you feel too busy to even consider an English course. Or worse, you subscribe, skip a couple and drop out.

After that failure, confident English is even further from you than before.

English may well be something that you would love to do well, but getting there is a such stress point that you can’t even imagine it feeling fun.

Don’t worry if this is you, I have a solution. 

“I Hate English”

So many learners think that I’m going to take this personally, but I don’t.

I understand your English skills as a stepping stone in your career or life path.

I’m not obsessed with English.

I certainly don’t think you should be either.

I do know you will be happier when it feels natural to speak English. For that reason, I take your English seriously – so you don’t have to.

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Tips to Enjoy Learning English

Anyone can enjoy the process of learning English – if they work out how to feel aligned with their English identity.

No matter what way your choose to learn, keep this as your no. 1 goal.

Mostly Harmless - Douglas Adams quote for learning English. Blog Don't like learning English

Mostly Harmless English Learning

That’s my unique teaching skill: converting your battles with English into a pleasurable journey.

I make English learning ‘mostly harmless’.

Online English Coaching - Don't let it fade advert with shoulder tan

Keep Talking this Winter!

Now you can top up your English – without the commitment or pressure of a full course or fixed schedule.

It’s no-pressure 1:1 English learning, designed for busy lives.

You won’t feel the awful dread that you’ve let your English fade away because we’ll keep it warm all winter as we top up your English over the next 6 months.

This could be your ticket to enjoying English!

This offer is for Blue Noun Language Hub immersion English holiday takers, to keep their English warm all winter.

There are just 5 places for folks not yet in my teaching world.

Are you ready to have fun?

Find out more.

You Don’t Have to Like Learning English

But it really does help.

I guess the biggest reason for not liking English is fear of it: Feeling ‘not good enough’ to speak and have fun. Let the satisfaction of learning be full of little wins, and try ways that make you feel good!

I hope you have found here some tips to get you to the next stage in your English learning journey – enjoying yourself!

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