How to Find an Online English Teacher

You can easily find an online English teacher on any social media platform by searching with the hashtag:

#onlineEnglishteacher or #onlineenglishcourse

There are thousands and thousands of online English Teachers!  

Your problem is not how to find an online English teacher. Your problem is how to find the right online English teacher for you.

Read on for access for an overview of the differences between online English teachers, a free guide to help you find yours – and information about our new service which can help you find your match.


Find an Online English Teacher – by Knowing What Will Get YOU Progress

Do Not Underestimate the Art of ELT

There’s a lot of skill in language teaching.

No one teacher does it all well.

Every teacher has specialists and strengths – and corresponding weaknesses. 

Some are deep experts in linguistics and grammar.

Some know how your language works so can explain the differences to you with ease.

Others are intuitively expert at engaging you in conversation to develop your fluency.

Because you have so many options, you just cannot make the right decision about an online English teacher without understanding what YOU actually need.

Match your English learning needs with the right service provider – and hit the jackpot.


graphic for how to find your online English teacher - crowd with one figure circled - yellow and red - graphic for how to find your online English teacher - one of a kind - Online English Needs Analysis

Skip the Search

How much time are you spending researching options for an online English teacher?

If you are in a cycle of searching without discovering the ‘perfect person’ to help you, take a step back and ask yourself some basic questions:

    My objectives are... (what do I want to achieve?)

    How do I learn as an adult?

    What is going to motivate me?

    Do I have lurking mindset issues that will stop me?



    Get Help to Find an Online English Teacher

    With our assistance, you will feel confident in your decision because Blue Noun Language Hub can navigate you through your search, as we know the online ELT market from within – but with an independent perspective. 

    Start with our free guide – our mini English language needs self-assessment.

    Because We Value Your Learning

    Investing in learning is a BIG decision. It’s not just money at stake (and of course that matters too).

    Your outcomes and success are at stake.

    Consider – where is the right English teacher going to take you?

    A poorly matched teacher can not optimise your investment of effort and time. (Whereas a bad teacher might put you off English learning for years)!


    Trust us to find ALTERNATIVE solutions

    Get Independent Expert Advice

    If you would like help finding an online English teacher, you can now book an Online English Needs Analysis with Blue Noun Language Hub.

    It’s our one-off consultancy service for individuals needing help finding their online English teacher.



    Online English Needs Analysis – Overview

    Part 1:

    Take our Online English Needs Analysis questionnaire.

    Part 2:

    Discuss your results with an ELT expert at our independent English language school.



    Online English Needs Analysis – Pricing

    The Blue Noun Language Hub Online English Needs Analysis is £99.

    Learn More.

    Further Information

    Are you more Salmon or Sailboat as an English learner?