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Top Up My English

Online English Coaching for Busy Lives

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Your Summer English WAS Amazing!

OK, maybe you didn’t get a tan that good practising English on holiday (not here in Scotland anyway) but you did begin to get beautiful results with your English.

You worked hard. English was beginning to feel GOOD.

In fact, it really flowed when you relaxed and enjoyed yourself speaking.

You discovered power in speaking English, and it really suited you.

Only now summer is over, life is ‘back to normal’ and you have no consistent way of practising English…

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Back to Normal?

We both know that the demands of getting back to school, and back to work are going to eat up the whole of September.

October and November are packed with catching up with where you should be in the year (Q4already!)

Not to mention the run-up to Christmas slowly turning up the heat…

Just when are you going to get back to your English?

Learn English to do list

“There’s Always New Year”

Your New Year’s Resolution will be ‘learn English,’ and you will mean it.

Only January sucks, the kids will have colds, the weather is shitty and your bank balance just took its annual Christmas walloping…

The only consistent thing about your English is that it is on your to-do list and not getting done.

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Here’s What’s Going to Happen…

By January, you will have forgotten how much fun it was using English.

Certainly, your language skills will begin to fade a bit – the odd word will get lost here and there.

Words are easy enough to find again.

Above all, what you most need to care about is your new confidence in English fading away.

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Going, Going, Gone

By Halloween, the happy-hearted, summer English-speaking-you will be a ghost.

By January, she’ll be gone.

All that progress lost!

Once guilt creeps in, those 2 words on your life plan, ’learn English’ will feel like a chore, not a pleasure.

With the onset of guilt, your English momentum fades away.

Lose your happiness with English, and you ultimately fall out of learning. 

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Top up Your English this Winter

With online English coaching around YOUR Schedule.

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Keep Your English Warm this Winter

Save your English with ‘top up’ English conversation coaching designed for busy lives.

Top Up My English is right for you if:

⭕ You recently had a language holiday or English class in which you got a taste for speaking English.

⭕ Your career needs you to have better English skills – only now is not the right time for a 100% commitment.

⭕ You fear your English is slipping away.

⭕ You don’t have the time, energy or flexibility of schedule to commit to a fixed schedule English course.

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Top Up My English is 10 x 1 hr Talk Time vouchers

(English conversation classes)

you can use between now and Easter, 2024 – fitted around your schedule.

It takes time to ‘bank’ carefree English moments in your heart (as well as the actual language in your head).

Keep them fresh and they will be with you wherever your English takes you.

Let them fade, and opportunities fade away too.” 

Ruth, 2023

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Take the pressure OFF!


The focus of Top Up My English will not be on learning a whole new ‘level’ but on revising, adding to and perfecting your existing English skills through light hearted conversations (including some error correction & pronunciation work).


Online English Course Features

☀️ Friendly, coached conversation practice designed to keep you ‘topped up’ and feeling good speaking English.

☀️ Flexible schedule.

Got a bit of free time? Check out my schedule and book your chat. (Alternatively, pick out an available time slot and book your 10 fortnightly lessons in one go) (We can do this via WhatsApp).

☀️ Flexible Coach.

I know things come up with work & kids.
You can even cancel twice without losing a lesson (just let me know up to 3 hours before class).

This class schedule is flexible to allow you to find time to prioritise your English within a busy lifestyle.

Make a little space for you this winter.

Give yourself this time to relax and have fun with English.

(Your future self will thank you!)

Your Transformation is : Stop the Slide

Next year, you won’t feel that awful dread that you’ve let your English fade because we’ll be keeping it warm all winter as we gently top up your English over the next 6 months.

Stop the slide from happy-hearted English into English being a guilty niggle in your heart.

Feeling good speaking English is the single most important part of your English learning journey – yet most learners don’t realise how crucial it is – or how fragile it is.

Invest in feeling good speaking English this winter, and your enthusiasm for English will be strong and ready for 2024.

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“Feeling good speaking English is the single most important part of your English learning journey – yet most learners don’t realise how crucial it is – or how fragile it is.”

Ruth, 2023

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☀️ For international English language speakers, of any profession, seeking enjoyable, ‘a la carte,’ stress-free English experiences to keep their English warm over winter.

☀️ Suitable for lower intermediate – upper intermediate language skills. 

☀️ Ruth Pringle, lead coach at Blue Noun Language Hub is the principal teacher on the Top Up My English online English course.

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You choose.

Book when you have the urge – or book 10 regular top-ups over the next 20 weeks: there are lots of slots available.

top up my English - as easy as getting your nails done

It’s as easy as getting your nails done!

Just use your 10 classes before 1st April 2024, and keep your English flowing. 

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A private online English course.

Live 1:1 (one-to-one) English conversations around themes of your work and workplace, your lifestyle and interests and themes/topics (general interest/culture) via Zoom. 

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All content is tailored to your level and your development goals – of which the no.1 priority is to continue to enjoy speaking and learning English. 

(We can add in a few work goals too, if they are not going to cause you anxiety or take the fun out of talking).

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Top Up Your English is £445

Have you taken our Immersion English holiday?

Your Blue Noun alumni price is just £395 (because we are invested in keeping you learning!

Alumni click here.

Limited Offer

We’ve got limited spaces for our 2023/24 Top Up My English online English course.

Are you going to let your English fade?

Or keep chatting and keep your English warm this winter?


Top Up My English

Online English Coaching for Busy Lives

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Tips for Keeping Your English Warm this Winter

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we realise that not everyone can invest in private English coaching.

Above all, our top winter tip is to prioritise feeling good with English. Whether it is reading a book or taking a Peloton class – do it (and keep doing it!)

Be honest with yourself about how hard it is to keep on track – and make an accountability system that suits you (even just ask a friend to check in). 

I recommend James Clear‘s book Atomic Habits – find it in your native language and add English ‘stacking’ into your lifestyle.

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