Improve English Conversation Skills

By Meeting Perthshire Artists

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Meet Artists on Your English Language Holiday

Our independent language hub has a unique way to improve your English conversation skills.

Our concept is to take you to visit local artists, designers and craftspeople.

Your English benefits from a wide range of authentic conversations while you explore and discover Scotland.

Later on this page, you can find a directory of the Perthshire artists and creatives we work with.

But first, a quick look at WHY we feature artists & makers to help your English conversation skills.

Why Meet Artists on Your English Language Holiday?


Artists have private, quiet workplaces conducive to good conversation

Artist studios are the perfect mix of private space in which the public are welcomed into.


Everyone enjoys a studio visit

These conversations are for everyone, whether you are a professional in a creative industry or not. Discover alternative makers’ lifestyles. 


Artist Studios are tactile and visual

From broken plates to seashells. There’s so much to see, touch and talk about! 


Artists' studio talks are the perfect context for professional, semi-formal English practice in 'tone'.


Here in Perthshire, many artist studios are surrounded by gorgeous countryside

To discover artist studios IS to discover Scotland.


Artists are quite familiar with having to present their work to strangers.

Generally, they are good at having conversations on a range of topics and are curious about all kinds of specialisations.


Artists are vulnerable too

Artists are sharing ideas and creations which are very dear and personal. Your speaking English with them matches that vulnerability level, and quickly creates a strong bond.


In addition, your visit supports local artists by bringing them financial opportunities and audience, to enable them to work throughout the year.

See more about this in our Social Action Policy.


Visualisation of our language hub methogology and how we use artists to teach English conversation skills

Relax and Socialise

Immerse Yourself in Scottish Creative Culture

Can you think of a more pleasurable way to improve your English conversation skills than meeting different artists in their studio, learning about them, and their work (and sharing your own processes, work and culture)?

More than anything, we love bringing great minds together.

Get talking with Perthshire’s best creative voices! 


Meet the Makers workshop tours


Artist studio visits


Creative Community Events

At Blue Noun, we believe that with a quality language holiday, who you meet and what you learn about yourself is just as important as the language you are practising.

Why? Because any true conversation is an exchange.

So it’s not just about what you can say and how you say it (pressure comes off!)

It’s about wanting to speak because you have something you want to say.

And it’s about listening and learning from the community around you.

Because gaining language skills is the freedom of being able to speak your truth – not just having more words.

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Artist Directory

Meet the Makers Creative Exchange Perth | Social English Skills

Lisa Scrimgeour

Lisa’s paintings are unsettling for all the right reasons!  I suspect her paintings incite different emotions between men and women, parents and non-parents – but we can discuss it when you get here

 Meet the Makers for Social English Skills - Artist Kathy Collins

Painter & Printmaker, Kathy Collins

Superb local artist Kathy Collins invites us into her world of art and nature.

Visit her in her studio, lunch by her private and secluded riverside, and find out about the Cyanotype prints she makes.

Perthshire Open Studios Meet the Makers English Language Holiday Programme

Jeweller  & Designer, Jenna McDonald

From time to time, Jenna joins us to demonstrate her jewellery-making techniques to Blue Noun English learners. She regularly runs workshops at the Creative Exchange Studios, in Perth.

Artist Barry Scott  Meet the Makers for Social English Skills

Barry Scott Artist & Picture Framer

Join Barry for a painting workshop in his picturesque painting studio. Barry is a specialist in realism and landscape painting. He takes Blue Noun language guests out for some plein air painting.

Ceri White ceramics for meet the artists for Social English Skills

Ceri White Ceramicist

We are HUGE fans of Ceri’s pots. (Can’t seem to visit her in her studio without buying another one).

Station Cat Pottery for Meet Perthshire artists for social English skills.

Station Cat Pottery

Visit artist Fiona Guinan in her railway carriage gallery. 

Discover her work with reclaimed objects off the farm, and learn how her unique workspace has become famous around the world. 

Artist June McEwan for meet the artists Social English Skills

June McEwan’s Workshop

Not only is local artists June a great creative talent, but she’s also a fountain of knowledge on community arts – and local history.

A visit to her workshop is to discover our local culture in depth.

Babs Pease studio for meet the artists for Social English Skills

Babs Pease – Printmaker

Babs Pease’s prints of Scottish wildlife are truly superb. Visit her studio and learn about her artwork and inspirations.

Libby Scott Paints Up a Storm | The Bield | Perthshire Artists POS Learn English with art.

Libby Scott

Painter Libby Scott captures the magical interplay of light and weather across the Perthshire landscape. 

mosaic artist Katy Galbraith in her studio - meet the makers

Katy Galbraith

Mosaic artist Katy Galbraith shares her studio during mosaic workshops. They are designed to get you talking! 

Perthshire Open Studios Meet the Makers  for Social English Skills

Perthshire Open Studios

200 Artists and 140 Venues!

Perthshire’s Annual Open Studios. Once a year, local galleries and artists team up to show off the creative practices of our region.

Perthshire Open Studios often combines with the unlocking of some special buildings too.

Only with this language school can you practice professional and conversational English skills while seeing the best of Scottish art and craft!

You get a bespoke Scottish holiday PLUS 8 hours per day of personalised language coaching.

Perfect for EVERY professional!

Every September we have mini-residency focusing on English for Creative Careers.

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Get Behind the Scenes of Scottish Rural Businesses & Producers

In addition to artists,  we help you meet makers and producers on your English conversation holiday.

Here’s a taster of our featured Makers and Producers.