Exploring Scotland as a Tourist

Let’s zoom into one way of exploring Scotland.

In Scotland, you’ll see that many castle gift shops sell handmade soaps, gins, crafts and sweets: products of rural micro businesses that share the tastes, flavours, fabrics, nature or landscape of Scotland.

Quality things that travel well, last long, and bring the feeling of Scotland back home with you.

They offer a touch of indulgence and make great gifts, as they can tell a story of Scotland.

drummond castle gardens visit with English class

Look Closer

Let’s zoom in further to a single bar of soap.

That same soap (or whisky etc) will mean more if you can associate it with your visit.

You’ve walked through that landscape, you’ve smelled the honeyed scent of heather on the breeze, or you drank that whisky after a hike.

A Change of Perspective

Now imagine adding into your holiday a chat with the soap maker.

A visit to her shop on Crieff High Street.

Learn what a typical day in her business looks like – and perhaps share yours.

drummond castle gardens visit with English class

There’s Lots to Talk About

Here are some threads we can pull to see where they take us…

  • What skills does it take to have this business?
  • What kind of lifestyle does a soap maker have?
  • Who gets to take their pet to work?


This can lead to further discussion topics:


  • Online Shopping: does it make it easier or harder to start a business?
  • The buy-local movement in your country?
  • The use of herbal remedies in your own country?

A Corresponding Workshop with Your English Coach

Notice how there’s much professional/personal English AND grammar practice here.

No matter what your industry, we make this conversation relevant to the language skills you need.

But critically, you are not learning them in a classroom, you are acquiring them in real contexts as you discover Scotland.


I enjoy and find satisfying making by hand and having a very high-quality product.

I love the natural (plant extract) scents and people come to Crieff especially to come to my shop to stock up, as they won’t use any other soap now.

Tourist seasons and Christmas are busy!

I’m so lucky to now have a shop space big enough to work in as I started out making at home.

Supplying some independent shops gives me a network of interesting people who respect nature and craft.

When I have spare time, I make pottery which I also sell.

Jill 2024


drummond castle gardens visit with English class

‘Just’ Talking

Have you heard of Highland Hospitality?

You’ll feel it throughout Crieff, as shopkeepers and locals reach out to you with interest.

We’ll not grill Jill, she’ll be busy making soap.

But the shop smells great, and it’s amazing the sense of belonging you can get from a 5-minute chat.

As your knowledge of Scottish culture builds, your sense of knowing a place does too.

And strong roots in a place build a lasting feeling of belonging in English.

Your visit to Jill’s shop will make her day better.

Not just if you buy soap!

‘Just’ talking’!

drummond castle gardens visit with English class

Not a Guided Tour, a Deep Dive

Of course, some people only want to see the castle, buy soap in a gift shop, and tick the next part of Scotland off their list.

But at Blue Noun Language Hub, we know the quality experiences are not rushing forwards but being here and knowing how to look and what questions to ask. 

And when you visit Drummond Castle Gardens later that week, you’ll see Jill’s soap sitting in the gift shop and you’ll KNOW this little part of Scotland.

You’ll wonder how many bars have been sold and notice how they compete alongside the other items.

Their scent fills the room, and you remember seeing Jill handling the large blocks (and how much you want to try soap making).

drummond castle gardens visit with English class

Speak With Confidence

Once you leave your mark here, you belong speaking this language.

It’s part of your story.

swift in flight - for blog easy Scottish mountain to climb

Aim Higher

Now imagine a holiday that, as well as having a positive impact on the local community here, you walk lightly through nature and let your soul roam free in our hills.

To do this, you also need to explore the landscape and discover its rivers and castles.

That’s the power of Scotland: to let freedom and happiness into your language, your heart.

Feel it

Presenting in English is no bother when you’ve rehearsed your business English / socialising skills/presentation skills all while chatting about soap, and a tiny part of your spirit is still soaring alongside the osprey you watched fishing over a loch, or the swallows glding the water surface as you swam. 

Now Feel Closer

Congratulations. You’re inside Scotland now.

Not only do you belong, you’ve also left your mark (with Jill, with your homestay host, with our friends and community in 100s of tiny ways).

You are part of the story of here now.