This blog is to help you get the most from your holiday in Scotland.

Last year, Scotland had 4 million international visitors, so no, it’s not going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know (I do share 5 websites that might do this at the end).

This blog might not even share ANYTHING you need to know – other than our unique way of sharing Scotland.

It starts with slowing down, relaxing, looking and being curious…

icon of thistle for blog on Scottish culture

So make yourself a cuppa, and enjoy how we share Scotland.

We are an independent, curious language school offering a unique holiday that immerses you in the heart of Scottish culture while coaching your English.

Join us in celebrating the tiny details of our nation’s great landscapes.

We find the spirit of Scotland in plants and people, not big brands.

Discover the wonderful places, people and local events we share with you. 

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High Tea

Language School Food and Drink What is High tea Roman Camp Hotel

What is This Strange British Sandwich Worship?

Take a dip into British culture with this whole other meal between lunch and dinner.
Is it good?
What should you wear?
And what’s with all the silver?

About the Scottish Thistle

Learn English with Scottish culture mountain andThistles

Why is the Thistle the Emblem of Scotland?

Reading these legends will help fill your heart with the spirit of Scotland (no, not whisky).


About the Highland Clearances

ruined hose for for English Language Holiday with scottish history

The Lost Souls of Glen Quaich

You’ll never call the ruined houses in our landscape ‘cute’ again.  

Contemporary Events

The Passing of Queen Elizabeth II - abstract graphic for blog

Inside Scotland | The Passing of Queen Elizabeth

The national media showed queues of Brirtsh mourners.

For balance, I asked 3 good friends to answer identical questions on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

How did Scotland mourn?

About the Scottish Midge

illustration - midge tips for a trip to Scotland funny marmite

10 Tips for Dealing with the Scottish Midge

An irreverent look at our little bitey friends…

Scotland’s Best, Worst Soldier

Learn English in Perthshire the life of Private Farquhar Shaw Black Watch

The Remarkable Life and Death of Private Farquhar Shaw

He died a traitor but is celebrated as a hero, learn his story.

Perthshires’ Snowmen

learn English with art Strathearn Snowmen everyone is beautiful

And Why Everyone is Beautiful!

This winter we celebrated the sight of snow people popping up in gardens.

Meet the Makers

soap maker Jill from Planet Soap soap making for English Coaching Holidays in Scotland

Behind the Gift Shop

In this blog, we zoom in on one bar of soap and share how it can help you discover Scotland.

Why Visit Perthshire?

Reasons to visit Scotland - nature and wildlife - red kites flying - Learn English Holidays Perthshire blog

What's the 'Big Tree County' to offer tourists?


This blog matches tourist stats with information about Perthshire.

It’s mostly about why we wanted to have our own independent language school here, but it will help you plan your holiday!

Plus, discover what Perthshire Time is (and why it’s so great for language learning!)

The Beltane Fire Festival

Edinburgh Beltane festival 2024 actors for for English Language Holiday with scottish history

What's the Beltane Fire Festival Like?

The short answer is that it’s a superb, sincere trip into our past, present and future!

From time to time we match our English holidays up with visiting cultural events and festivals. 


The Sir Walter Scott (Steamship)

Visit Loch Katrine - Sir Walter Scott steamboat excursion

Why Visit Loch Katrine?

With so many international visitors heading to popular Loch Lomond, you may find a visit to Loch Katrine and its beautiful steamship a better option!

The Burning of Strathearn

Sketchbook page about Strathearn Burning by Illustrator Laura Darling

Illustrator Laura Darling and the Burning of Strathearn

No one knows for certain why the Jacobites torched villages and towns, retreating from the inconclusive battle of Sherrifmuir in 1715, but thanks to illustrator Laura Darling, no one will ever forget. 

Language Holiday Tips

photo of English learners together in restaurant for blog - are English Immersion Holidays for Beginners Effective

Get the Most From a Language Holiday

If you are visiting Scotland to improve your English, these are our best tips to get talking!

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English isn't stressful part 5


5 Links for EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Get the Most from Your Holiday in Scotland! 

  • Visit Scotland
    A great website with tips for visiting any place in Scotland.
  • Traveline Scotland
    Use the free ap to visit Scotland using public transport
  • Komoot
    Komoot is a route planning and navigation app that allows you to customize your walking and cycling routes based on your preferences, including avoiding busy roads.
  • OSMaps
    Ordinance survey maps – digitalized. Essential for hill walking and climbing!
  • WalkHighlands
    A one stop website for finding great walks near your location.

Discover Scotland Speaking English

In case you don’t know Blue Noun Language Hub, we help people feel they belong speaking English by finding love for being here in Scotland.

If you want to discover Scotland in authentic ways, with an English coach (not a tour guide), it all starts with a quick video chat..