The Morning After The Night Before

One forthcoming English immersion week begins July 4th.

Election Day!

This blog is about creating an event around the UK election: to give one L2 English user an authentic cultural immersion English course.

Oh, and you are all invited!

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A Bit of UK Background | We Don’t Know What (If) We’ll Be Celebrating

Pols are predicting the end to a 14-year Conservative rule in Westminster – with most most previous Tory voters swinging left to Labour or swinging more extreme right.

However, the situation in Scotland is less clear.

We also have had a long incumbent party, the SNP, for 17 years.

Like the Tories, they have disenchanted many core voters through the alleged corruption of key figures. 

Whatever happens, we (the nation/community) will be needing conversation.

As individuals, we’ve been asking what we want our country to be like.

 Let’s make space to ask ourselves the same question.

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Getting the News

Being in a country whilst news is breaking is a powerful immersion experience.

Cultural memories become part of your story.

At Blue Noun, our language holidays are not about knowing more words, rather, they are about feeling at one with your English.


“It’s the difference between wearing a strange pair of shoes (and being conscious of every step) and being in the best, comfiest shoes which seem to roll you along effortlessly.  “

Ruth, 2024

How to Share an Election?

I’m thinking ahead to Friday 5th July, and how to engage our English conversation guest in the national zeitgeist. (whatever it is).

No matter how the results fall, I know the nation will be bursting to talk.

And we have just the place! 

sunflowers at language school door - for why choose a non corporate language school

An Intention-Setting Morning

So at Blue Noun, we’re doing what we do best: bringing our community together to share skills, wisdom and friendship.

This is the Event Invitation on Facebook

This event takes place the morning after election day.
Of course, there will be results, predictions and frustrations to discuss (with a cuppa).
But this event is all about celebrating our own agency.
What changes do we want to make happen: for ourselves, our community & our planet.
The Intention Cafe is not for speeches or giving/getting advice.
It’s for creating a space for yourself, to ask who YOU want to be

Let’s doodle, craft, chat and plan as we make time to listen to our subconscious.

To be followed by a (optional) Leap into a Loch* (for anyone needing a purge).
*Loch Earn
English immersion holiday - swimming in Loch Earn Scotland

About The Intention Café

This is event is modelling the format on the (amazing) Climate Cafe movement.
Climate Cafés bring people together in non-dogmatic conversations where ideas and actions have space to form.

We’ll fire up ‘the Beast’ (our professional coffee machine, and get teapots at the ready.

There will be biscuits, fruit and nibbles provided.
language school coffee machine for Learn English in Scotland.
Language school food and drink for cultural immersion holdiay

Arts & Crafts for Great Mindsets

We’ll have our crafting materials out, for a bit of painting/doodling therapy.
(if you are concentrating on a craft activity, you let your subconscious heal and dream).
Language school food and drink for cultural immersion holdiay

About Our Space | The Hub

Our language school is a lovely space to sit and chat.

It’s full of live plants.
There’s a zone under a large window, a private space by a radiator and large sofas and comfy chairs.
It’s a space designed for hosting and for talking.
language school in Scotland interior
language school in Scotland interior

About Intention Setting

Intention setting is when you identify and articulate (to yourself) what’s important.

Intentions are not goals or resolutions but commitments to who we want to be.

Setting intentions can reveal parts of your personality that you have lost touch with or are under-prioritised.

Intentions are about how you want to experience your one life: those 4,00 weeks (not a lot).

Check in and ask, how well we are looking after ourselves.

Intention setting is a tool which affirms your personal power and agency.

During a period of national change (a government change) and crisis (austerity, Covid, high inflation), it is easy to feel powerless.

Feeling powerful is how we create change!

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A Cultural Immersion English Course for YOU

Designing an English conversation holiday around your needs begins with a video chat to help us feel comfortable expressing likes and dislikes.

There’s also an online form which collects a little information about your English goals and interests.

And a series of WhatsApp messages as I plan activities you would like.

This same person is also getting a walking weekend with an activity company.

language school in Scotland interior

Get Talking This Summer

We still have a few places on our English language holiday, summer 2024.

There’s a maximum of 3 x L2 English speakers per week, with the option to upgrade and go 1:1.

Want to bring a friend/partner? We’ll close that group so it’s just you two. 

It all starts with a video call, and let us build you a cultural immersion English course that will get you talking!