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Pronunciation Workshop

Join Blue Noun’s FREE Pronunciation Workshop

On Saturday, June 3rd, Blue Noun Language Hub is hosting a Pronunciation Workshop with guest expert Jennie Reed, live in our ‘hub’ in Crieff.

This blog tells you what you need to know!

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FREE Pronunciation Workshop

Our Pronunciation Workshop is for:

  • intermediate & advanced non-native English speakers living in Perthshire.
  • locals interested in a career in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teaching.
  • locals currently hosting Ukrainian families.

Guest places are limited to 10, so secure your spot ASAP!

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Why Focus on Pronunciation?

Many think that working on pronunciation is about accent erasion. It’s absolutely not. Accented English is beautiful, and part of who you are as an English speaker. (The days of us all aiming to speak like a BBC presenter are over!).

However, clear pronunciation is key to communicating well. It’s not about accents, it’s about being well-understood by your listener.

We all know what it feels like when you think you are saying something right, but it still gets misunderstood. It’s one of the most stressful parts of language learning.

The good news is that when you improve your pronunciation, your English skills get a massive boost.

Here’s our guest Expert Jennie on her Youtube channel.

In this video, she explains why it’s time to stop worrying about pronunciation as ‘accent’ – and take action on certain elements of clearer speech.

About Jennie Reed

Jennie Reed, Excellence in English, is a TESOL-trained English Teacher.

Jennie specialises in teaching pronunciation skills to advanced learners – often non-native English teachers internationally.

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we are delighted that we’ve ‘snagged her’ (Scottish expression) and she’s agreed to lead a pronunciation workshop for our current students, past students and interested local community.



In her [Jennie’s) lessons you will find a safe, nice and fun environment where you are allowed to experiment with the language, make mistakes and constantly learn from them. Each lesson is built around a topic – and it is undeniably engaging.
I would recommend starting your English lessons with Jennie as soon as possible


Francesca Mortara, Linkedin Review, 2022 

Why ‘Workshop’ Pronunciation

At Blue Noun, we are full of admiration for Jennie’s teaching knowledge. 

Part of being a great business (and language school) is knowing when you need to hire an expert! 

Jennie will put the ‘cherry on the cake‘ of much of the English work we’ve been doing with our English learners. 

  • A workshop sets time aside for this important area of learning.
  • Learning in a group breaks free from inhibitions you may have making funny noises alone with a teacher.
  • Learn the shape of your mouth and the position of your tongue by watching others learn.
  • Hear (and celebrate) other accents as part of learning to love yours. 

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Supporting Girl Power (All Genders Welcome) 

This workshop is free to attend, and with refreshments provided.

However, Blue Noun is running this workshop in part as a fundraiser to collect donations for the amazing World Female Ranger Week coming up later in June (23- 30th).

Yups, we like synergy, and with this Blue Noun Pronunciation Workshop, you can learn how to pronounce the word ‘elephant,’ while saving elephants.

World Female Ranger Week saves elephants by empowering and equipping local women in the fight against wildlife poaching (perfect synergy). 

 You can find out about World Female Ranger Week here,

But don’t worry, Ruth will probably mention it (chew your ear off about it) too 😂. 

Come and join us learning pronunciation tips and from Jennie – but do bring a donation to World Female Ranger Week if you possibly can. 


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Get Your Ticket to Our Pronunciation Workshop

Join us for Jennie’s Pronunciation Workshop for better, clearer English pronunciation skills – as well as resources to and advice to help you help yourself in the future.

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Blue Noun’s

Pronunciation Workshop

Further Information

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Find out more about Jennie Reed and Excellence in English here. 

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