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How to keep language skills fresh with a busy professional life?

The answer takes a different shape for each person, but 3 things will help:

  • Fall in love with practising the language, so it feels like something you want to do.
  • Find many small, enjoyable, easy ways to fit English into your lifestyle.
  • Set up good systems so you don’t waste time looking for ways to learn – have them ready to go. (There’s a brilliant book on this)

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Our Gem Collection is a free newsletter of learning resources.

It’s authentic international sources to help you learn English.

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#02 Get Help to Know Where to Start

Learn How You Learn Best

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How We Can Help

Our English Needs Analysis is a service providing L2 English users with information about what their next best way to learn is.

With our assistance, you make optimal choices when choosing which course(s) to buy.

Our Online English Analysis is a paid service that:

  • Saves time (researching courses).
  • Increases efficacy (of learning).
  • Saves money (from making a bad investment).
  • It may even save your English’


Follow Your Own Path

Final Tips for Progressing

Remember, there’s no one ‘right’ way to learn and practice. 

Everyone has different needs, levels, language learning styles, and preferences.

Quite simply, if something brings you pleasure combined with a little bit of language practice – do more of it.

At some point, you’ll need a coach to help you progress to the next level, let our Needs Analysis do the searching. 


It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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