I always recommend specific books to my English learners – and reading as a way of improving their English level.

However, it’s not always easy to find English language books – or foreign language books.

Here I’m going to give you 7 tips for finding foreign language books. 

Depending on where you are in the world, second language books can be tricky to track down – or just eye-wateringly expensive.

Here are 7 money-saving tips to help unite you with lots of lovely books to read. 

Tip 01: Amazon Kindle

You can find access to second language books through your Kindle – but be aware that this can be an expensive option as book licencing is different in every country.

This means that you generally pay more for an English language version in France, than in the UK – and you’ll be excluded from special offers. 

However, if anyone is currently ‘resident’ in their target language country (even on a sabbatical or artist residency etc) – know that if you set up your Kindle in Spain, and register it there, you will always have access to Spanish books, priced at the local market. 

NB: Not sure how legal this is. Make your own moral judgements/legal research.


Tip 02: Start Your Own Book Share

Next time you finish a book in your target language, make a real effort to pass it on. Actively seeking people to pass your books onto will find you a book-loving community that will want to reciprocate.

Tip 03: Search eBay ‘bundle’

Searching eBay with the word ‘bundle’ enables you to find someone selling a group of similar items, which is a great way to keep postage costs down. 

Why not search ‘bundle’ with your favourite author/genre and see what comes up. Remember to search in your own country first to save postage costs – you might be surprised.

Tip 04: Your Public Library

In the UK, your local library will have a small foreign language section. Do you know that you can order through Inter-Library Loans many more titles – at no charge: just search the online catalogue for the language you are seeking and fill out a form to request it. 

Not in the UK? Find out if your local library does the same.


Tip 05: Facebook Groups

Every town has a buying/selling Facebook group specific to the region (search the name of your town in ‘groups and it/they will show up). Most towns also have an international community.

Get proactive. YOU could put up a post asking to buy books in the language you are learning. 


Tip 06: Community Notice boards

Hop onto Canva and whip up an advert in your target language, for your local library/community centre notice board.

Tip 07: Stock Up 

If you are travelling on holiday to a country where your target language is spoken in, plan ahead. Book yourself an extra suitcase allowance for the return (you can always find one in a charity shop) and search for second-hand books at markets, charity shops – even some bookshops. With a day’s investment, you can find enough reading to last you until your next holiday!

Hopefully, you have found this article useful, and you have some good ideas of places and ways to find English language books. Enjoy your treasures!

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