English Immersion Holiday 2024

This is a bit exciting.

We are currently planning our English immersion holidays for next year.

On the whole, feedback for 2023 was hugely positive.

All our English guests felt they:

  • made progress with their English
  • discovered Scotland beyond their best expectations
  • learned clear ways to continue with their English learning journey.
  • Felt part of a warm and welcoming community.

However, despite the high praise, there was one thing we couldn’t help noticing: immersive English language holidays are intensive for the learner.


our creativity is your path to success image of easy path to walk.

Feel Great Speaking English

We attracted remarkably motivated guests last year.

Everyone that we worked with in 2023 was determined to maximise this learning opportunity.

Even the best language coaches can only keep learning fun, and protect you from frustrations to a point. The result was that some pretty tired people returned to their home nation.

This may feel like the right energy for your investment (I understand that no one wants to waste time), but it could be counterproductive to your global language learning objectives.

Ideally, you feel energised by your language experience: as you want to keep going with English on your return (not climb into bed and sleep).

Many of our English immersion activities are spending time outdoors in woodlands, and nature. They are powerfully peaceful.

The problem wasn’t our activities themselves. 

Perhaps it was time to tweak our class schedule.


Introducing the Mid-Week Bonus Break

Bus + Oban advert English Immersion in Scotland

English Immersion Got Even Better

We’ve decided to move our guaranteed English contact hours around to give our learners a day off every Wednesday.

This is the exciting part!

In place of a morning of coaching at our hub, we are offering all 2024 English Immersion Holiday Guests a complimentary trip to the Scottish Highlands.

Specifically, to enjoy the wonderful port town of Oban.

Oban bay - for English Immersion Holiday 2024

Highland Perthshire

Technically, our Scottish language school is in the highlands. (We are in the easy to get to part).

Our language hub is in a pretty amazing location. We have majestic highland scenery behind us, and the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, – an area of outstanding beauty, with its 22 large lochs and 52,300 hectares of woodlands only 12 miles to the west.

Our language guests already see a lot of Scotland – with us.

However, in 2024 we are introducing an unaccompanied trip into the Scottish Highlands.


“Adventure is a path. Real adventure, self-determined, self-motivated, often risky, forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world.” 

Mark Jenkins


Bus Crieff to Oban

The Oban trip is not ‘risky’, but I think it is useful to have adventures with the ‘world’ (including so called native speakers) without an English teacher being present (I’ll be available on WhatsApp to chat & give advice). 

The coach from Crieff to Oban runs through some of Scotland’s finest scenery, including Glen Coe.

It’s 2 hours. A perfect journey length to sit back in your seat with headphones on, relaxing and enjoying the view.

The day return ticket gives about 3 hours to enjoy the town: watch the harbour, climb up to McCaig’s Tower for a view over the bay, eat fish and chips or explore the lovely small town centre.

Oban bay - girl watching sea for for English Immersion Holiday 2024

Time off From Learning

We pack so much into every immersion week, including evening and weekend activities, that I’m not too worried about missing the 3 hours of teaching time. 

You can take my Oban Scavenger Challenge which sets you challenges to get talking around Oban.

Oban bay - girl watching sea for for English Immersion Holiday 2024

A Tonic for Your English

An excursion into the Scottish Highlands, an afternoon exploring Obanand the restfulness of the coach trip through incredible scenery will be a tonic for tired English learners.

When we are heart set on achieving something it can be hard to remember that it’s ok to take a break.

It is!

Especially one this good!

Oban bay - girl watching sea for for English Immersion Holiday 2024

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