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That’s right! A free English language lesson dropping every Monday.

Each week we will publish a short video talking about a subject of cultural interest – answering questions about the topic.

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Email Subscribers – ‘You Are Beautiful*’

*I have a Mika song stuck in my head since Eurovision!

Not sure it’s for you?

Here’s Ruth talking about last weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Email Subscribers Bonus Questions

Here’s a sneak peek at the questions our mailing list subscribers will receive along with the video:

  • What adjectives do I use to describe Holland’s entry?
  • Why did I watch Eurovision at my dad’s house?
  • Why do you think I loved Eurovision this year? (I give several reasons).
  • Do you think I will watch it again next year?

So if you would like a complete English lesson dropping into your mailbox every Monday – for Free.

Want to learn more about this year’s Eurovision? Read about it here.