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Now You Can Learn English on YouTube – Blue Noun Style! 


If you are looking for extra English practice this summer, I am pleased to tell you that it just got a lot more fun – as I have started a YouTube Channel.

This blog is about Blue Noun‘s  Youtube channel for English learners: answering the questions who it’s for, what themes are covered – and why has it taken so darn long!

3 English Themes on Youtube to get You Learning.

The new channel is me, talking to you about all kinds of things.

Every video is an opportunity for immersion English, with 3 broad themes to help different learners:

1. A Taste of Scottish Culture

Anything goes in this category as I share with you all the aspects of an English immersion holiday here in Scotland with Blue Noun (and as you may know, that’s everything from throwing axes to helping elephants).

These videos are useful for everyone wanting English immersion in a fun way.

2. Creative English Learning

For those of us who don’t find traditional methods work for language learning, relax and have a bit of fun as I teach you in a visual way.

Learn vocabulary and structures as I doodle and tell stories for you.

(This IS what English class with me looks like!)

3. English for Creative Careers

This theme brushes up the language skills artists, makers, producers and craftspeople need to make an impact in English. It’s for anyone with a message.

I’d love you to hop on over to my Youtube channel to get learning!

I’m really excited about the potential YouTube has to reach new audiences and help lots of people with their English!

Whether that’s our service to help people find their perfect English teacher match – or new adventurers for our immersion English holiday!

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Why Did It Take So Long?

I know, right? 

The author of the Amplify Visual Artists Residency (for people with a message to share) wasn’t on YouTube! 

In fact, I’ve wanted to for a long time now, only I just couldn’t work out how to best help my people – or show my strengths in that format. 

I’m too visual.

As a teacher, I respond to people. I don’t generally talk at them like a lot of the content does.

I help people learn English by guiding them, emphatically and reactively – and I found that hard to show on Youtube.

Instead, I have taken the approach of sharing myself, my life, and my services in ways which simulate our immersive English language coaching.


Further Information

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