The Power of Words

Last night, I took two Vietnamese English students to a life drawing event because unusually, the models were clothed musicians playing traditional Scottish folk music, and I thought they’d enjoy it.

They did! 

And I was reminded of the power just a few words can have.  

life drawing class with musicians

Why Draw Musicians?

Drawing musicians is a great technical exercise because they are not still and posed, but moving naturally. (Movement is something you have to work out if you want to capture it – and so is the music, the relationship of musicians to their instruments and the synergy between the two musicians).

It’s a dynamic, joyful kind of drawing experience, but I knew walking into such an unfamiliar setting and group might feel intimidating.


life drawing class with musicians

A Warm Scottish Welcome

I wasn’t expecting one of our group to begin speaking in Vietnamese to them.

He greeted them with a just few words – but in doing so, made them feel hugely welcome and respected.

Having a 2nd language of any level is such a superpower.

We’re always so obsessed with what we can’t say or do, that we forget to notice the power in what we can do.

Here are my best sketches from the evening. If you follow me, you’ll know I champion artists sharing their unfinished work, sketches and ideas.

Language can have the same spirit.

Don’t wait to be perfect!

Get out there and share your voice.

Enjoy the power of words! 

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