Christmas Topics for an English Classroom

This blog is for all ESL English teachers and L2 English users looking for resources with a Christmas theme.

In this Christmas-themed English lesson, find:

  • Topics for discussion
  • A video advert to watch in class
  • Links to reading exercises
  • A video homework exercise

Opening Discussion

  • Begin by discussing good and bad examples of corporations marking Christmas.
  • Why should\shouldn’t corporations jump on the festive bandwagon?


A Non-Traditional Christmas Advert

  • Watch this video together in class.

It’s a non-traditional take on all the manufactured sentimentality slopping about at Christmas.


Reading Comprehension

Some conversation topics for your Christmas-themed English lesson:

  • What landmarks can the students identify in the video?
  • How is this advert ‘alternative’? Do they think it is a good advertisement?
  • How do they compare it to Coke-a-Cola’s Christmas imagery?
  • Would this advert work in another country? How would you have to adapt it for your own country? 
  • The Edinburgh News has a great description of this ad, including some of the words to the song which can be a little difficult for L2 English users.
  • The article gives statistics about the popularity and success of this advert too. Can the students get this information from the text? 

The Blue Noun Christmas Video Lesson

    Students can enjoy this short video English lesson as homework.

    How to Use This Video

    Over on YouTube, I have a channel called Blue Noun English Moments.

    The English Moments series is an invitation to join us exploring Scotland – or parts of Scottish/British culture.

    The videos are narrated for English learners so that the images on screen help with comprehension.

    For this reason, do watch with subtitles OFF. 

    If you get stuck understanding something, you can always rewatch it – and if it is still tricky, only then switch the subtitles on.

    This is the best way to practice comprehension.

    Real-life conversations don’t come with subtitles. Train your ears!

    Help Spread the Word!

    If you find this video useful, please take a minute to leave a comment under it. This means that YouTube will show it to more English learners who might need this help.


    Further Information

    Scottish Culture

    This Christmas-themed English lesson has a theme of Scottish culture running through it.

    If you are interested in leaning more English with Scottish culture, find out all our English language coaching services.

    Find out how this Non-Corporate Langauge School celebrates Christmas. 

    Hint: Did you see our Christmas Discounts?


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