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An Immersion Language Holiday Should Feel the Opposite of Time Spent Inside a Classroom

An immersion language holiday differs from an intensive English course, and should not be spent in a classroom.


Be wary though, for some language schools market precisely this. Or they offer you mornings in a generic classroom, with tourist excursions that have poor language practice opportunities in the afternoon.

Where’s the Problem?

Admittedly this style of teaching meets some needs perfectly. Troubles arise when a student experience is sold with a professional or even luxury price tag.

There’s an even bigger issue in that professional and time-poor adults have different language learning needs, and frequently have lost the habit of classroom learning – to the point of finding it uncomfortable or frustrating.

Many people outgrow classroom learning once they leave their student days behind them. 


Be Clear on What You Want

All forms of language weeks are potentially right for you. Travelling for an intensive language study experience particularly suits busy people with only their holiday time to invest in English learning, or English learners with some work deadline to meet.

However corralling people with mixed needs within a bland teaching space, under a one-size-fits-all system benefits the language schools, but not necessarily the clients.

And putting several international people together in a classroom to learn English from ELT textbooks is not ‘English language immersion’.

Don’t Choose Vanilla if you Like Spice

This blog is to say that although the traditional classroom will suit some English learners, it is long from being your only option.

You might not know that you no longer have to fit into such language schools’ methods.

Or that language learning doesn’t look like it did 20 years ago (or high school).

Learn English here in Perthshire

So What is an English Immersion Holiday?

English ‘immersion’ really should not take place inside a classroom but all around the community.

It can be as bespoke as you need it to be.

Throughout an English immersion holiday, you should be meeting people and enjoying spontaneous conversations through a curated programme of introductions,  sharing quality conversations and experiences.

NB: This is not just chatting to people in the service industry who would be selling you tickets anyway. 

It’s Structured Around Your Needs

There should be a skeletal structure of language skills coaching supporting this freedom – which takes a different form for every learner.


Immersion English holiday event with local artist inside Blue Noun Language Hub

Immersion English holiday event with local artist inside Blue Noun Language Hub


Think Differently


At Blue Noun, we have a unique and bespoke immersion approach to language learning which is not learning-as-you-can-do-anywhere.

  • Our way means seeing Scotland.
  • Our way celebrates beautiful Perthshire.
  • Our hub has comfy sofas, shared stories and genuine ‘highland hospitality.’

Your language immersion holiday can be designed around you.
Although you will be learning (a lot), it can still feel like a holiday!

How do You Want to Learn?

Be clear about what you are seeking. Will you be happy in a classroom?

For example, our way does not pile on classroom written exercises. We believe that they have their place in language learning – but our method is needs led. This means that when an issue comes up we’ll work on it, including putting you in the right context to practice what you’ve learned.

Ask yourself how you learn best, and then find the right holiday English language course to match.


Perthshire Huntingtower castle- no classroom English learning Strathearn

Superficial Learning Versus Being

You can imagine our kind of immersion English holiday as one that nurtures your English-speaking identity and skills – as opposed to one which layers a further veneer across your existing English knowledge.

How to Tell if its Right for You

Spend time on the potential language school’s website. Learn how they teach, how many English learners will be sharing your course and just how much time will be spent sitting in a classroom.


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The Blue Noun Way

Purpose First

All of our coaching courses are built around your purpose (yes, we have online options too, but that’s a different conversation).

Your purpose is not your specific English needs. That’s important, but also only surface level. Your purpose is all the things that mean the world to you. They are all the reasons you have things to say in the first place.

English immersion holiday - passion and purpose. Black and white photo of whisky tasting

Passion Second

The luxury of our immersion English holidays is that your afternoons are also built around your passions. These are things that make you feel excited, skilled, fulfilled and happy. They may already be part of your identity, but we extend them and have fun with them – in English of course, but in relaxed and intuitive ways.

Making the Most of Scotland

There are so many amazing communities, landscapes and experiences to enjoy here.

Imagine enjoying unique culture and tourist activities WHILE practising English. (If ‘exploring’ and ‘trying new things’ is already on your list of passions, you are likely a good match for us).

10 tips for choosing an English language school - vespa parked outside Cultybraggen Perthshire no classroom English learning Strathearn

Our ‘Hub’

We don’t have classrooms, but we do have a beautiful, homely alternative to share with you. We have sofas, living plants and everything you need to feel good while you learn. 

Blue noun language hub - plates with food on counter. Welcome English learners

English Skills to Last

Language skills learned with our English Immersion holiday methodology are with you wherever you go. They don’t chip and break under pressure. They don’t crumble away once your course has ended – or rust and creak from disuse.

English skills learned like this make you smile when you hear English spoken and make you feel happy to be speaking it.

How do I know you won’t just forget them?

Because they will be awakened inside you. Part of you.

That’s what English immersion can give you and classroom English can’t.

 Customer First

Bear in mind that the traditional format suits the language schools to deliver:  the more students at a time. It’s low admin. They already invested in their corporate-looking teaching rooms. 

It is effective in its way, but it is also generic, slick and passionless.   

If it feels like you do it instead of a holiday, then it’s not a holiday. 

Don’t spend your immersion English holiday inside a classroom, unless you know you learn best within a traditional structure. 

Choose adventure instead!


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