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What’s the best way to learn professional English language skills?

The best way to learn professional English language skills is to work in (or simulate working in) your normal professional environment, but with all communications occurring in a high level of English.

This kind of work placement is hugely effective, but it’s not in any way a ‘holiday.’

Those who have done it will tell you, it’s stressful using your English within professionally important contexts.

You need a place to experiment with new work related language away from YOUR workplace. 

At Blue Noun, we have an innovative proposal that combines professional English language learning WITH holiday experiences.  We place you in professionally engaging contexts where language mistakes really don’t matter.


Blue Noun immersion English holidays don’t just give you general language practice.


Our community of makers will give you THE language practice that YOU need for your profession.


Professional English Holidays

Stretch your English, as we introduce you to makers and producers across our area who will help get you talking.

You get to experience gorgeous Perthshire through the eyes of its producers while building up your English. 

Our immersion English holidays are the cultural immersion you are looking for – and with lots of professional English language practice.

What Makes our English Holidays so Different

You will love adventuring with us

See beyond the touristic image of Scotland,  as we take you behind the scenes and introduce you to the makers and producers of the region – to learn about their art, crafts and products.

The beautiful region of Strathearn will be your living classroom.

And what a classroom!

Perthshire is uniquely filled with artists and makers, and small producers of agri-based industries including foods, textiles, animals, and crops.

Find out more here.

You are not here as a tourist to look at what they do. 

You are here as a professional with experience, knowledge, and opinions to share. 

Meet the Makers – professionally!

Strathearn’s landscape attracts outdoor sports and recreation businesses and artists, crafters, writers and other creatives who chose to live here as a base but sell/publish their work globally.

Out with the traditional high street lies a wealth of innovative and excellent micro-businesses creating their own niche in global markets. 

At Blue Noun, our concept is to introduce all our students to makers in informal, professional settings, where our students practice professional English skills such as presentations, listening comprehension, and asking and answering questions about their own profession and interests.

Feel confident talking with professional artists, craftspeople, and industry experts with Blue Noun Language Hub.

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Meet the Makers

Professional English Holidays | Glass blowing

Glass Demonstration at Caithness Glassworks

The world-famous, Caithness Glass Factory in Crieff produces handmade paperweights and art glass.

Watch the crafters through every stage of production in the workshop.

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Professional English Holidays | Claire Mullan

Claire Mullan, The Hedgerow Hippy

Claire is a herbalist, with lots to share about health and well-being. 

Discover how she manages her client care and works within the strict legal framework of herbalism. 

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Professional English Holidays | Red Deer | Perthshire

Feed the Deer, Clathic Deer Farm

Learn about venison farming while watching deer descend the hills at feeding time at Clathic Farm.  200 red deer live on tbis vast area of land, providing venison meat for the butcher at the Crieff Food Co.

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Professional English Holidays | Meet the Makers

Erika Green, Green’s Granola 

Erika’s company makes granola.- She offers English language learners a Granola Breakfast, where we sample her produce and learn about her business.

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Professional English Holidays | Cairn o mohr wine tour

Wine Tour, Cairn O’Mohr Wines

It’s a totally bonkers day out.

Visit the Cairn O’ Mohr (pronounced care no more) winery in Perthshire to discover how their organic wines and cider are made.

Take a guided tour and enjoy their very generous tasting session.

You’ll love it (but you may not remember it very well).

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Professional English Holidays | Summer harvest oils

Summer Harvest, with Mark Bush

Discover the brand story of Summer Harvest Oils with their maker Mark Bush

Learn about the evolution of the brand-product design and the complexities of circular farming. 

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Professional English Holidays | Whisky tasting

The Glenturret, Whisky Tasting & Distillery Tour

Our local distillery, The Glenturret is one of Scotland’s oldest continuously producing distilleries.

Take a tour of the distillery and find out the trade secrets of ‘Scotland’s gold‘.

Discover the amazing brand transformation since The Glenturret was bought by Lalique.

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Fair play – Play Fair

All the makers we work with ARE financially rewarded for their time – but they are also keen to benefit from the multicultural exchange our language learners bring. 

Find out about our Social Action Policy here.

In addition, our maker-partners are invited to socialise with us and take part in workshops and events happening at Blue Noun.

Experience a New Way of Learning with Our Network of Makers

Professional English for YOU!

We really do offer an English Language Course full of fun, professional, and practical language experience!

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